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I need a sponsor

on August 15, 2012

I have to come clean with everyone. I’m an addict. I lose sleep over my addiction. It affects my relationship with my loved ones. I have obsessive thoughts about it. You may be wondering what it is that has taken control of my life and left me unable to cope without it…well, my friends…it’s PINTEREST! (Calm down, I know you thought I was snorting coke into the wee hours of the morning…SHAME ON YOU.) Do not be confused though…I generally just pin things and don’t actually create them. That would require work and I am on vacation from mid-June – mid-August.

Now that the summer is winding down and I have to be somewhat productive again, I thought I’d share a few pinterest inspired things I’ve done in my life, in particular in my classroom.

1.) This blog. There were SO MANY adorable and helpful teacher blogs I found through Pinterest that I wanted to join in the fun. It’s a big step for me though…here’s a confession: I LOVE sharing. (That’s not the confession. Here comes the confession. Get ready.) In particular when people share with me. I’m uncomfortable sharing my own things though. Why? No, it’s not that I’m a selfish jerk. (Though I can definitely be a selfish jerk sometimes…just ask Big Daddy Byron.) In a nutshell, I have a lot of anxiety about being criticized and lack confidence. I see and read about all these great ideas that everyone else has and want to put them into practice but I feel like my own ideas….well, that they suck. That people won’t like them and will think I’m a moron and talk about how stupid they think I am. So I am typically reluctant to just put things out there because I don’t want to be known as the idiot mom, teacher, friend, person. I want to change that though and build my confidence (and learn how to better manage criticism when I get it) so here I am. Ew. This is getting way too deep for me.

2.) The “No Name” space. I picked a font to type out “no name,” printed, and cut it out. Glued onto paint sample cards which were then glued to construction paper. Laminated. Next I painted clothespins which didn’t take nearly as long as I originally feared. Hot glued a tack to the back of each. And voila, we have a “no name” space where I can hang papers without names for students to find themselves. Though I can usually tell which paper belongs to which student by the handwriting alone, I’m hoping this is a little extra motivation for students to put their names on their papers when they have to go get the papers themselves.

No Name Space

3.) Materials bins. Ok, I made that name up. But here’s the deal. I saw this awesome set of bins where you can keep file folders of lesson plans, hand outs, and materials/manipulatives. So I checked it out. EXPENSIVE. And my family is living the Dave Ramsey way so I was NOT about to buy some plastic bins for what feels like a billion dollars. Instead I bought 6 bins for 96 cents each at Walmart. Labled them for each day of the week and one for “Next Week.” This is where I’ll keep materials, manipulatives, and papers that are too large to fit in my mailbox slots. The slots, for anyone who is interested, are for lessons/letter-sized hand-outs/papers. Each column is labeled with a subject (math, social studies, etc.) and each row is labeled with a day of the week. I cannot take credit though, this idea was given to me by a fabulous 4th grade teacher that I work with.

Materials Bins

4.) Attendance boards. These do not look like the vision in my head. However, financially this was the way to go for me. These cost me a little over $3 to make (which includes tax). I did not charge myself for labor so that helped a lot. 😉 I bought 2 cookie sheets from the dollar store. Printed “I am here today” and “I am not here today” labels and circular numbers. Bought a 97 cent pack of magnet strips from Walmart and cut them into pieces (I think I used 3 of the 18 strips) to place on the labels. Stuck the now magnetic labels on the tray. Students will move their numbers from “I am not here today” to “I am here today” when they arrive in the morning so I can easily see who is absent. On the way out the door they will move their numbers from “I am here today” back to “I am not here today.” That’s my plan at least.

Attendance Boards

I will have more to share at a later date…until then…it’s time for me to go pin some more awesome ideas!


One response to “I need a sponsor

  1. Pink Runner says:

    Looks good! People will start pinning your classroom ideas soon!! I’m full on obsessed with Pinterest too… lots of time wasted looking at wedding stuff!

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