A little faith and a lot of love go a long way…


on August 18, 2012

My newest Pinterest-inspired creations:

1.)  Table skirts.  Here’s the play by play of how I came about these gorgeous table skirts…
a.)  Repin an “easy” table skirt project.
b.)  Read actual instructions.  Realize it is NOT easy because I do NOT know how to sew.
c.)  Place desperate plea on Facebook for help.
d.)  Barter a delicious meal (made by Byron who is an actual chef….no one wants to eat the slop I make) for table skirts with a friend from college who is a Family and Consumer Science teacher in a nearby district. (SCORE!)
e.)  Pick out and purchase cute fabric/materials….send along with the expert and then voila! I end up with amazing table skirts!

Table skirt #1 that I did NOT make…(however the idea was courtesy of

Table skirt #2 that I did NOT make

2.)  Transportation Station.  Laminated labels with bus numbers. Hot glued to ribbon. Hung on door with velcro. Clothespins with student names.  Each name goes on the bus they ride so I and any substitute knows how everyone is getting home.  If they have to ride on a different bus with a friend or a parent will pick them up instead of riding the bus, they just switch their clothespin.

Transportation Station

3.)  Bulletin Board. I always do a bulletin board at the beginning of the year telling all about me.  It gives information about how I’m a mom, wife, teacher, daughter, sister, friend, and aunt.  During the first few days of school the students do a scavenger hunt using that information to help them get to know me.  I leave it up for Open House then so the parents can get to know me as more than just their kid’s teacher as well. Though it’s not Pinterest-inspired, this year it’s the cutest it’s ever been.

Beginning of the year bulletin board

I’m a little sad that summer is ending and I officially go back to work on Monday….no, I’m not sad that I have to go back to work…just sad that there will be less time for PINTEREST!


3 responses to “Unstoppable

  1. Katie says:

    Loving all of the new pictures! I HAVE to come see them in person next week. I pinned the table skirts too and realized they were not as easy as they said due to my lack of sewing skills too. Keep it up, you are rockin’ this!

  2. Your room looks awesome. That was so sweet of your friend to help you with the sewing.

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