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And then it was Friday

on August 25, 2012

Well, well, well…we meet again. Here it is, Friday, and I have survived my first week back to work, though only three days were with students.  You should know that as I type this, I am enjoying a well-deserved beverage since I have barely slept at all in the past 3 days.

Snake Wine...not what I'm drinking


Ok, so I am not actually enjoying snake wine. However I found that image on a site with free images for education called Pics4Learning and thought it was cool.

Let me back up to the beginning of the week…on Monday my student teacher joined me for the first two days of opening activities in our district. Oh yes, I have a student teacher for the first time.  It. Is. AWESOME. (BTW, if she’s reading this, Hi Sarah! Hahaha!) Having a student teacher is like having a personal assistant. I know because I was a student teacher myself and now I have one. Besides the fact that since she just started I’m keeping her busy making copies, laminating, and doing bulletin board stuff, she’s actually a really nice person too. So I get to work with someone who’s not a jerk and that’s always a good thing. AND she’s doing an awesome job as a student teacher for the first week already so I’m not too worried about having to school her in the ways of being an awesome teacher and then making her cry. I don’t like to make people cry but I will if I have to. 😉 The best part though is that I’m learning from her too! I’m learning how to be a good cooperating teacher (I think I’m doing ok so far) and she taught me some things about Google Docs already too! (It turns out that I HATE Google Docs.) I’m just sad that she’s only with me for 8 weeks.

I look like this sad/grumpy puppy when I think about not having a student teacher anymore…

On Wednesday I got to meet my students for the very first day of the year. It. Was. AWESOME.  The first 3 days in my room at least are boring for the kids but necessary in order to set the stage.  I continue to set the stage for the next few weeks, but I go hard for 3 days straight teaching procedures and routines. In my experience, spending the time on it now will pay off in December and April.

I’m like a drill sargeant (which I think I spelled wrong) teaching a new soldier how to raise the flag!

I also spend the first two days of school calling every parent.  I introduce myself, let them know how the 1st day or 2 went, and let them know they can contact me when they need too. I leave a message with that info if no one answers. These calls make for very long evenings however they are very purposeful. My first call home is positive. Parents recognize that and they recognize that I took the time to do it and know that I am willing to go above and beyond right from the beginning.  It also gives them a chance to give me important information right away. Finally, I get a good feel for what it will be like working with each parent/set of parents for the year. The major downfall is the time it takes and the fact that I actually hate talking on the phone. (Yep, I’m the person who texts you back right after you called.) But it’s worth it to do because it saves me lots of headaches down the road. I learned that lesson very early in my career.

I need more time!

Phones are my arch nemesis…praise Jesus for TEXTING

Back to my students…they are great. Really. I know, I know, it’s only been 3 days.  But I can already tell they are a good group.  I say that every year, and every year it’s been true. How is that? Because I believe it is.  Let me break it down for you.

Everyday I have a choice. I can be a negative jerk who complains about things or a positive person who sees a challenge as an opportunity.  I choose to be that positive person (most days…I’m not perfect). Why? Because I serve an amazing God. Every student in my class is there because God knows they need me in some way.  Every student in my class is there because God knows I need them in some way. By day 3 I don’t always know what the reasons are, and I may never know, but my faith is stronger than my need to know so it doesn’t matter. What I do know for sure is that God knows what He’s doing, He’s always been there for me, and this will be no different.  This class is special though for sure. God’s got big plans for us this year. I have already learned so much about myself, education, being a mom, love, patience, the power of prayer, and blessings. I know I will have many opportunities to learn and grow and serve God this year and I. Can’t. Wait. 🙂

Love God. Love Others.



One response to “And then it was Friday

  1. Your students are blessed to have you as their teacher! I’m anxious to meet your student teacher. It sounds like you are off to a great start! 🙂

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