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A whole lotta thoughts on everything

on August 31, 2012

Be prepared. I’m about to word vomit about EVERYTHING since it’s been nearly a week since I’ve blogged.

I’m like this dragon word vomitting all over the forest.

After Friday the weekend flew by as usual. Thankfully I remembered at the last minute that my GRAD CLASS started Monday. Good thing I remembered at all I suppose. So I ordered my books a tad late…Amazon alleges that they’ll be here sometime in September…so maybe by October I’ll finish the first unit.  I impressed myself by at least posting to the first discussion in which we all introduce ourselves on Monday. I told my class that I’m addicted to Pinterest. I’m not kidding.

Hi, I’m Kari and I love Pinterest. I won’t offer anything valuable to your discussions or this class, but I will craft you a duct tape wallet from my Crafts pinboard if you’d like.

Tuesday morning was pretty awesome because the day began with a prayer group meeting at work.  It made me feel extra warm and fuzzy because I had a part in starting it. A co-worker read my blog, (oh yes, this very one that you are reading), and was inspired to ask me about starting a prayer group. It was awesome to have so many people come together and Praise Jesus first thing in the morning.  Made for a really positive start to the day. Amen!

We didn’t all wear white to our “Joys & Concerns” prayer meeting…maybe next week. 😉

Tuesday evening I had an appointment with my psuedo-chiropractor. (My chiropractor is not in the office in the evenings so I see another one who is at that practice when I have evening appointments who I call my pseudo-chiropractor.) You see, after I had the Gorilla I noticed that I was having some back pain but I figured it was from having a kid and carrying him around.  Then I had my Binxy and the pain got worse. As the school year came to a close last year I thought I might die from the pain. (This is a big deal…I had two kids and thought child birth was a piece of cake. So you know it was bad.) At the beginning of the summer then I went to a chiropractor who took some x-rays and found that my spine was out of alignment, but even more strange was that my lowest vertabrae was totally twisted and turned to the side. It was pretty weird when I saw it. So I had to go three times a week all summer. It helped SO MUCH. I still have pain but it’s not nearly as bad. Currently I go every 2 weeks.

So back to Tuesday…as the psuedo-chiropractor is working her magic she tells me that I have quite a few knots and my muscles are all tight and I need to relax. Um, no. I don’t do relaxed lady. However I did try to convince her to give me a note for Big Daddy Byron and my employer that I need to get weekly massages and go on monthly vacations. She refused.

I’m supposed to be here right now. Doctor’s orders.

As I was checking out the receptionist and I were talking about how my chiro doesn’t work evenings. She is a little lady but she is powerful and I like her style of aligning my back more than the psuedo-chiro’s softer approach.  Now, I didn’t tell that to the receptionist but I did tell her I was disappointed that my chiro couldn’t do evening appointments and she replied with, “Yeah, sometimes ya just need Dr. R to rough ya up.” What kind of 50 Shades of Grey comment is that?! Silly receptionist.

So after the appointment with the chiropractor I picked up my babies home and headed home. I took the Turnpike and when I got off my exit I asked the tollbooth man to keep the change and use it to pay the next person’s toll. You see, I’m a major advocate of doing random acts of kindness for those you love and maybe more importantly, strangers. God told me to love others and so that’s what I try to do in my own little way. However my plan backfired on the Turnpike on that fately Tuesday evening. Because Mr. Tollbooth Man REFUSED TO KEEP THE CHANGE. My jaw dropped, I half-yelled, “WHAT?!” and he said no.  He told me too many people get “taken aback” at that kind of thing and “they don’t like it.”  I told him there weren’t enough nice people in the world…he agreed as he handed me my change. And I drove away with tears in my eyes. Truly.

Please, sir. Take my money. Spread the love.

My babies witnessed that. I know Binxy is still too young to get it and I’m hoping the Gorilla didn’t pick up on what happened. Maybe Mr. Tollbooth was telling the truth…maybe he was just too lazy to figure out all the math…maybe he hates kindness and rainbows and butterflies…whatever the reason, it breaks my heart. But it made me more determined to keep spreading the love and kindness.  The world obviously needs it.

Don’t hate me Mr. Tollbooth Man. Love me and love others.

***My challenge to you is to do your own act of kindness for someone today. Leave me a comment and let me know what it is so I know the world hasn’t completely turned upside down on me…thanks loyal readers, fans, and stalkers.***


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