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Fake It Friday

on September 8, 2012

It’s time for….FAKE IT FRIDAY!

So, there are all these organized, awesome teachers who have beautiful blogs and they write posts for “Make it Monday” where they show these wonderful things they’ve created and then share them with others. Well, I’m not that teacher.

I’m the teacher who blogs for FAKE IT FRIDAY! This is where I’ll teach you the art of faking it.

Fake It Fridays are brought to you by Franzia, the classiest boxed wine in the world!

So for my first Fake It Friday post, I’m going to explain how to fake looking like you’re organized in the classroom.  Here we go!

1.)  Spend 7 years writing notes on post-its and scraps of paper that will be lost withing 1.2 seconds of you setting your pen down.  Finally purchase a set of notecards that are bound together like a notebook.  Continue to take notes and make to-do lists (to-do during the day on the front of the card, to-do for the evening on the back) and no longer lose them…but still get nothing done because you never do what’s on your list anyway.

You can keep all your notes in one place and still not get anything done by doing everything you can think of except the things on the list you made in the book you haven’t lost…yet.

2.)  Get a binder.  Everyone thinks people with binders are organized. Pssshhh…Not true. I have so many binders and organized is not a word you would use to describe me if you really know me. However, you can fake it if you carry a binder around.  Oh, and if you make an official looking cover for it and snap in a pencil case and some fancy dividers, (be sure to put that on your to-do list on your new bound index card to-do notebook), then carry it to and from your house in front of people, they’ll think you’re organized.  Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to open the binder.

Looks official! She must be organized!

Ooooohhhh…a pencil case! She must be so organized!

Short, sweet, simple.  This is how you fake organization.  Get lots of items that are made for organization, carry them around, promise yourself you will use them and use them well, then let the world think you’re an efficient, well-oiled organizating machine. No one has to know the truth…your secret is safe with me. 😉

Tune in next Friday for the another edition of…FAKE IT FRIDAY!

14 responses to “Fake It Friday

  1. Steph Mellott says:

    This is awesome. I love it and I am cracking up! 😀

  2. Angela Garland says:

    I love you Kari. You are so real. You make me laugh out loud! Hope you have a fabulous Friday!!

  3. Tricia says:

    I will be looking around the next staff meeting to see who has a binder (and I might even have one myself!) keep blogging … Teachers like me need teachers like you to keep it real

  4. Jill Beck says:

    I have a lot of binders! LOL

  5. This is the perfect post! Our leadership asked us to distribute surveys to the students and I got an almost perfect score on “My teacher is organized” and “The classroom feels clean and organized”. I was shocked. Because I am TOTALLY faking it with the multiple binders, to do lists, and file folders. I don’t know why I have all that because I just sweep whatever is on my desk into a drawer, never to be seen again. And I am so down with that boxed wine!

    • Thank you! I do the same thing with sweeping stuff in a drawer or piling it in a cabinet until I can figure out something better to do with it. Who has time to actually get organized?!?!

      P.S. Boxed wine ROCKS!

  6. Carol Seifarth says:

    I have lots of binders and there are always numerous yellow post it notes all over my desk. I would forget everything without my post it notes. Most important…I have the same box o’ wine sangria in my refrigerator! A must have for both mommies and teachers:)

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