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Fake It Friday

on October 6, 2012

Life’s too short to be too serious so here we are again with another heart-warming rendition of FAKE IT FRIDAY!

My absolute fave…
*Nissley does not support the views or opinions expressed in this blog. No one does really.

I know you love the festive jack-o-lantern in the background. Happy 1st Fake It Friday of October!

Tonight’s tip…when creating something, make it cute.  Bedazzle it, add glitter, have someone with nice handwriting write it out or type in the cutest font you can find. Hot glue puppies to it. Wait, I mean pictures of puppies.

I discovered this while looking through PINTEREST for anchor charts to make for upcoming units I’ll be teaching. There are some charts out there that are unebelievably cute. I didn’t even read what was on them, I just instantly pinned them.

So go ahead…make that poster that tells everyone you’ll return to your office or room at 1:00 pm after your afternoon poop…just make it pretty and no one will even bother to read it. However they’ll walk away knowing you really have your shit together…literally. 😉

One response to “Fake It Friday

  1. The jack-o-lantern kinda spooks me! As usual, your post make me laugh. Thanks! 🙂

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