A little faith and a lot of love go a long way…

Fake It Friday!

on October 13, 2012

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?

Fake it.

Fake it who?


Horrible, I know. Anywho, this life-altering edition of Fake It Friday is NOT sponsored by…

BUTTER. I wish it were though.

So I wanted some butter tonight.  But I’m a classy broad, so I couldn’t just drink it from the bottle. I added a little popcorn to it so I could keep my dignity. However I ended up with an unexpected side of anger and bewilderment.


Exhibit A: The convenient Popcorn button on the microwave.


Exhibit B: Check out step #1 of the directions: Do not use the popcorn button.

Why in the hell is there a popcorn button if I’m not supposed to use it?! Talk about rage. I almost flipped the kitchen table when I saw that my right to use the popcorn button was being challenged. I cleared my head though and stuck it to the man…I used that button and I liked it. I’m leading the popcorn button rebellion…Katniss ain’t got nothin’ on me.

But back to Fake It Friday. Two tips this week for faking it…and these two I happen to be a pro at.

1.)  Don’t sleep.
2.)  Drink a LOT of coffee. As in gallons.

If you don’t sleep you can at least get some things accomplished (though we all know the to-do list never ends) so it looks like you’re on top of things. No one needs to know you really only accomplished the low-priority items on your list.

Obviously if you’re not sleeping in order to look like you have it all together, you’re going to need help functioning during the day. Coffee is my go-to for that little issue. I find it delicious and refreshing. Whatever your drug of choice is to help you stay awake after pulling an all-nighter, I do just hope it’s not an actual drug. We don’t need anyone having a Jessie Spano episode. (If you get that reference, you rock.)


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