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I’m dreaming of a PINTEREST Christmas!

on October 18, 2012

In case you haven’t noticed, we have entered the holiday season. As a seasoned procrastinator, this excites me. Nothing compares to the thrill of waiting until the very last minute (i.e. about 4 pm on 12/24) to realize you are completely unprepared for the biggest commercial holiday of the year and then scrambling to throw a few last minute things (i.e. a Christmas tree and heartfelt gifts and a meal that didn’t come out of a box or can) together.

So even though I just love the rush of taking my sweet time to do anything holiday related until the last possible second, Pinterest has sucked me in once again (SURPRISE!) and I found a little somethin’ somethin’ to create that will hopefully help me to be a bit more organized.

The lovely ladies over at eighteen25 have put together a 10 step plan for crafting an adorable Christmas planner.  But before I get to that…I have a sidebar:

Jen, from eighteen25, and I e-mailed a bit about the planner and she suggested that I get hooked up with a “linky party” to get my blog out there.  So my question is…what is a linky party and how do I get invited to one? Help please!

Ok, back to the Christmas planner…so I had my 2 besties (haha, yes, I’m 12 years old) over to enjoy some wine and create a planner. Except one is on a diet and one is 8 months pregnant so basically I just drank my wine (and theirs). It turns out that wine + crafts = a half-assed Christmas planner.

Besides my friends and Big Daddy Byron, my arch nemesis attended this Christmas-themed Pinterest party. Mod Podge. This time though, I faced off with the brush on kind rather than the spray on mod podge. Definitely a better outcome, though I use the term “better” loosely.

So we meet again…

First I cut up some scrapbook paper.  Totally did not use the hole punch they recommended. In fact, other than reading about a hole punch, I pretty much decided to forgo the whole “reading directions” thing.

1 glass of wine…not looking too bad!

Oh look…she’s pregnant…I’ll just have her glass too!

Oh look…now there’s ink everywhere…I’ll drink to that!

Time to coat it with mod podge.

Ta-da! Finished Christmas planner!

Overall, besides getting a little too excited with the ink pad and a few rough edges, it didn’t turn out too bad. Definitely pretty easy to make. I should have read the directions though because I’m pretty sure a stapler was supposed to be involved somehow but I decided to just use a couple glue dots. Which means the front and back cover are only sort of attached to the composition book. Ah well. It can still serve it’s purpose. In fact, I’ve even used it already.  In the calendar section, I wrote “Christmas” on the space for 12/25. Before ya know it, I’ll be wrapping gifts on the 23rd instead of the 24th!






2 responses to “I’m dreaming of a PINTEREST Christmas!

  1. Okay, so I am thinking your blog should be called Pray Teach Love Pin! Looks like a fun evening with the girls. When you find out what a linky party is let me know. 🙂

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