A little faith and a lot of love go a long way…

Boo…I’m not dead.

on October 28, 2012

Perhaps you thought I died.  No, not the case. Though that may have been preferable to the week I had. It wasn’t horrible. Really, I shouldn’t complain because I’m blessed in so many ways that a hectic week shouldn’t get me down.

Can’t let a few long days at work get me down like this sad rhino!

Besides a couple long nights, my babies got sick. Then my big baby, Big Daddy Byron, got sick. That’s been fun. If you consider not sleeping fun. Because none of us have slept much.

Then there was my big disapointment. I got to meet someone sort of famous. Someone who wrote a best-selling book. So I thought, here’s my chance to get some great advice from an expert. Since I’ve got big plans to be a famous writer. (Ha.) Yeah, that didn’t happen. Interesting person…and though we may have had a few things in common…she had a….naivete….about her. (I think I used naivete correctly. Not sure. Don’t care to check.) She was more interested in her world than anyone elses. Which is fine. But that’s not my style. I also got the odd feeling that she felt like she had something to prove. I guess when you’re in your twenties you sometimes do feel like that…(said the 29 year old on the brink of 30!).  I think the most positive thing that came out of it is that I got to pay forward some kindness the night that I met this person. No need to elaborate but you know how I love my random acts of kindness.

Dinner with a best-selling author was nice…would have been nicer with a stiff drink.

And now I guess I have to address the obvious…I’ve missed 2 Fake It Fridays in a row. Thank you sweet, sweet exhaustion. I swear, I really am going to do my best to get it together and be back in action by next Friday. The good news is that trick or treat night is Wednesday.  Why does that matter you ask? Well, I happen to have 2 young, adorable children.  They are so precious that people are sure to throw buckets of candy into their little treat bags.  And did I mention that they are young? In fact, they are still young enough that they won’t notice that most of their candy is gone when they wake on November 1. So I’ll have a serious stash of candy to give me the sugar rush I need to stay up Friday night to blog. SCORE.

Halloween candy + wine = back on track for Fake It Friday!


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