A little faith and a lot of love go a long way…

Kindness Counts

on December 8, 2012

Captain’s Log:  Day 4 of the 30 day Quest of Birthday Kindness.  So far it’s not quite been smooth sailing.  But oh has it been an adventure.

12/4:  I signed up to help out at More Love Letters.  (Check it out…very cool!)  Technically it started 12/3 and runs through 12/14 and requires me to write 12 letters.  I figured that counted as at least 1 act though for my Birthday Project. (Again, check it out!)

A letter to Emily...

A letter to Emily…

12/5:  You’ve Been Jingled! I started the Christmas version of getting “boo’ed” at Halloween in my neighborhood.  Left a little holiday treat at two homes in our development.

12/6:  I decorated the staff bathroom in my hallway.  I didn’t go overboard like the vision in my head because I thought the coulple guys in the hallway might not appreciate the abundance of pinks and greens I originally wanted to go with.  So I opted for a simple holiday door cover, a couple cling-on snowflakes on the mirror and some nice soap and air freshener.

Welcome to our fancy bathroom!

Welcome to our fancy bathroom!

12/7: I handed out $5 gift cards to a local donut/coffee shop to the 3 garbage guys who come through out neighborhood to take our trash weekly.  The glitch came in when I ran late and didn’t leave at the time they usually pass our house.  By the time I left they were out of sight.  I panicked and thought they may have left the development so I drove like a maniac around the neighborhood to find them.  I did.  Then I parked and hopped out of the car but by this time they were backing up further from me to get trash at the end of the block.  I was already running late for work so I ran (ok, let’s be honest, I don’t run…I hobbled, briskly walked, waddled) down the block, handed them the gift cards, and thanked them for their hard work.  They were surprised but grateful.  It was such a cool feeling to do that for them.

Mmmmmm...donuts and coffee...

Mmmmmm…donuts and coffee…

I told my students anout my birthday project.  I gave them the option to join me in celebrating my birthday by performing intentional acts of kindness and keeping a record of them in a “Kindness Journal.”  The first 2 days everyone seemed wary of participating.  I was secretly disappointed.  Then 1 student stepped up on the 3rd day and added an act he did to the journal.  Since then, several of them have joined in.  They are so proud of the kind things they have done and I am proud of them too! They probably don’t even understand the gift they’ve given me by spreading the kindness. 🙂


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