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Flirty 30!

on January 3, 2013

Today is the big day…I’m 30! I’m super excited to be 30. I am sorta like a real adult now, hahaha! It’s been a fun ride, this journey to 30.

Some other kind acts I completed…doing the dishes & cleaning the kitchen for Big Daddy Byron (he prefers to take care of the kitchen since he’s a chef…no complaining from me!), putting stray shopping carts where they belong while out and about shopping, praying for people who might need it…but the best part of of my 30 acts of kindness for my 30th birthday happened today with a a gift given to me…

Let me start at the beginning. I should preface this with the statement that my husband is without a doubt, THE BEST.

2013 Husband of the Year (& we're only 2 days in)

2013 Husband of the Year (& we’re only 2 days in)

This man has made my birthday so memorable. It started when he and my mom planned a small surprise party for me.



Awwww....I have friends!

Awwww….I have friends!

Gift presented to me from the reigning 2013 Husband of the Year and my babies - "Kari's Personal Wine Glass"

Gift presented to me from the reigning 2013 Husband of the Year and my babies – “Kari’s Personal Wine Glass”

YAY for good times with GREAT friends! Besides the party, then the hubby tells me that he’s been secretly saving (which is no easy task since I’m the financial boss in this household and account for every penny since we loosely follow Dave Ramsey’s philosophies) and has booked me a day at the spa….not just any spa, but THE HERSHEY SPA!  Unfortunately they are so popular and booked that he couldn’t get me in until March 9 but I will get a day of pampering for surviving 3 decades! 😉

That was more than enough to celebrate the beginning of my 30’s…but then Big Daddy Byron outdid himself even more! He had me take our van to work today…so that he could clean out the mobile dumpster I drive, a.k.a. my car! I am the hot mess of of our marriage and chaos and disorganization seem to find me everywhere…but especially in my car. I’ve wanted to clean it out (by wanted I mean I thought about it but it’s too overwhelming for me to actually do something about it…oh yeah, and I’m lazy) and it was on my 2013 bucket list (as was a day at the spa!) and Big Daddy Byron has already helped me accomplish those things. Whoo-hoo!

But Big Daddy Byron wasn’t finished…he surprised me yet again by having roses and a balloon delivered to the school I work at this morning and THEN chocolate covered strawberries were delivered this afternoon!!! I am beyond spoiled but not just because of all he did for my birthday but because of all he does for me everyday…*insert teary eyes and heart bursting with love image here.*

Those weren’t my only birthday surprises though…one of the most amazing came today while at work.  At student of mine turns 11 tomorrow.  She told me today that for her birthday this year, she’s decided to do 11 intentional acts of kindness to celebrate since I did 30 to celebrate my 30th.  She then excitedly told me that she and her mom have been planning the 11 acts of kindness and she’s starting soon. *MIND BLOWN* Holy crap.  I mean, I know as a teacher I have an impact on some of my kids sometimes. But wow. When she told me this, I had one of those moments…one of those, “Oh man, what I do REALLY matters” moments that we teachers have now and then…not because I taught her how to add fractions with different denominators but because I inspired her to spread kindness in the world.  It was one of the best gifts anyone could have given me.

Here’s to 30…a year full of kindness, love, health and happiness…


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