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2013 Bucket List

on January 6, 2013

There’s a lot I’d like to accomplish this year, so I compiled a bucket list of sorts for 2013. I plan to add to it as the year goes on if things come up that I’d like to do, try, or accomplish. Here it is, in no particular order…

1.) Write a minimum of once a week on this blog for at least 52 blog posts this year (Whoo-hoo! I already have 2 in this week…what an overachiever I am!) – UPDATE:  FAILED

2.) Complete 52 intentional acts of kindness this year – one each week of the year. (This week I kicked it off by smiling and waving at a stranger in the urgent care place I visited today since I’m sick.) Update 6/21:  Still going strong!

3.) Lose 10 pounds – Update 6/21:  Um, no. Not even close.

4.) Take a family trip to the beach – Booked for August!

5.) Tour a winery/wine tasting   Wonderful friends of ours took us to a large local wine tasting event in May and it was awesome!

6.) Spa Day (BOOKED FOR MARCH BY BIG DADDY BYRON – Husband of the Year!)

7.) Pay off one of my student loans ($5,075) – As of March 2013 there’s only $1800 left! – As of June 2013 there’s only $300 left!!!

8.) Clean out my car (Big Daddy Byron did this for me for my birfday! WHOO-HOO!)

9.) Milk a cow

10.) Finish my Master’s program with a 4.0 (1 class to go!)  DONE IN MAY 2013! WHOO-HOO!!!

11.) Try authentic Indian food

12.) Write letters to my kids for when they are older

13.) Go to the PA Farm Show –> Went on Saturday 1/12/13…fried cheese & milkshakes were UNBELIEVABLE!!!

14.) Set up my craft/work space in the basementDone At the end of Jan!

15.) Partake in Zumba

16.) Join a for real book club that actually meets, reads, discusses, and has fun regularly – and stick to it

17.) Take kids apple picking in the fall

18.) Take the kids to our local library once a week during the summer while I’m off

19.) Attend Chocolate Covered February in Hershey

20.) Make more time for me and my Loooooovvvveeee…..BIG DADDY BYRON!

Looooovvvveee him!

Looooovvvveee him!

That’s all for now…I’m sure I’ll think of more to add as the year goes on…


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