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Peek a Boo!

on March 17, 2013

Well, the secret is pretty much not a secret anymore so I may as well officially announce it: I suck at blogging.

But I’m here now to update you on my 2013 Bucket List. (I can’t figure out how to link it using my iPad so click here to check it out: )

Obviously I have failed at #1. Ah well. There’s always 2014.

#2 – I have continued to be kind. Not always but I’m hitting the once a week mark at least. Ha.

#3 – I’m fat. Ugh. Stress eating like its my job so that has not helped with losing 10 pounds. So this weekend Big Daddy Byron & I decided to do the 3 day Dr. Oz cleanse. It’s our first cleanse & we don’t eat healthy in the first place. Awesome. (Find it here:

I decided to do the cleanse to try to help jump start a more healthy all honesty, the number one reason we eat crap right now is because we can’t afford to be healthy with having just 1 income. Secondly, I like carbs. And salt. And grease. And sugar. Big Daddy decided to do the cleanse because I’m forcing him to. Simple.

We’ve modified slightly today in that I couldn’t find coconut oil so the lunch drink was missing that. Plus I refused to put cayenne pepper in the dinner drink. Oh and we are not doing the detox bath at the end of the day. We are not bath people. Ew.

We both enjoyed the morning detox green tea. The breakfast smoothie wasn’t too bad either. We were both feeling pretty good. Then lunch came. The lunch smoothie is DISGUSTING. Probably more so for us because we aren’t veggie people to begin with. Byron took it like a champ. I help my nose as I drank, chased each gulp with water, & quit when I was half finished.

The dinner smoothie is my favorite. I had it as the snack smoothie too. Byron’s favorite is the breakfast one because he hates kale with a passion. We are drinking water as well.

How do I feel? Honestly, exhausted. I thought I was supposed to feel energetic and whole again? I even took a 3 hour nap today. The kids woke up after 2 hours and Byron had to wake me after another hour. I felt like I could have just kept sleeping. Even now I’m super tired as I type this. My body must be working overtime to rid itself of the many toxins I’ve filled it with for 30 years. I’m wondering also though if my gastric bypass is playing a part in it. Since I don’t absorb everything I eat anymore anyway plus I’m eating much less than I normally would I’m not absorbing what people with normal intestines/stomachs would. Not too mention there’s a lack of protein with the cleanse.

Also I just started having a minor headache this evening. Nothing major. My neck has started aching too though. Byron however did pop some Tylenol earlier because he had a pretty bad headache.

Byron’s been super hungry all day. I received this text from him: “I feel like I want to shank someone for a cheeseburger! I can feel the anger festering in my eyes!” I haven’t felt too bad. I do miss chewing though. And salt. And grease.

I have been peeing a LOT. And it’s clear! I know you wanted to know that. I thought I’d be stuck in the bathroom for another reason. I’ve heard that cleansing tends to lead to extended stays on the potty as you poop the pounds away. Not so today. Both B & I have not had any bowel issues in that sense. That’s a positive.

I do feel less bloated and lighter. Byron said he doesn’t feel bloated either & feels better overall. (Besides his searing hunger pains, hahahaha!) Even so we’ve both agreed that we are only doing two of the 3 day cleanse. We are quitters and we are ok with that. 🙂

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