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It’s summertime!

on June 15, 2013

Well, well, well…look who’s back…ME! 1 week ago today I wrapped up year 8 of teaching. The year, like each year, had its challenges from time to time but overall, it really was a fun year! Thankfully I’ll be heading out of the classroom on a high note…oh wait, what’s that you say? You’re wondering why I’m leaving the classroom? Well, that’s because I applied for and got  the job of MATH COACH for my building!!! Who-hoo! I’m excited beyond words but guess what?  I am terrified too! The previous Math Coach retired but she was amazing! I have some seriously big (& colorful!) shoes to fill.  That makes me super anxious. I don’t want to let anyone down. My mentor has given me some sound advice to cut myself a break, especially the first year, & recognize that I can’t please everyone. Unfortunately I’m a people pleasing perfectionist. Hence my anxiety. Thankfully I’m more excited for the new challenges ahead & determined to do my best more than I am scared or anxious though.

The MOST exciting news however is that it’s summertime….and my next post will be an update on my role as a summer mommy who has already had some Pinterest successes…and failures of course.


2 responses to “It’s summertime!

  1. You do have “big (& colorful!) shoes to fill,” but you will do great!! Looking forward to your blogging. 🙂

  2. […] was an exhausting week.  As a new Math Coach I was able to participate in our district’s process for writing math curriculum. It turned […]

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