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I made a bucket list?

on June 22, 2013

Oh yes I did! When my friend over at Reclaimed Gardening mentioned that I hadn’t blogged about my stint as a runner, I thought, why yes! I need to write about that and update my bucket list!

I have never been a runner. As a certified “fat kid” for basically my entire life combined with having the ACL’s in both of my knees reconstructed before I turned 24, well…that isn’t a recipe for a runner. In fact I hated running. Hate, hate, hate. However, during this past school year I was (secretly) inspired by two of my lovely co-workers who are runners. (You should check them out at RunReadMom and Pink-Runner!) So in April, another friend of mine and I took up running. Now, I should clarify that I use the term “running” loosely because I’m super slow and I don’t run very far at one time. BUT when we started, I scoffed at the idea of running for 60 seconds during the first day of our Run25K program and within 7ish weeks, I was running almost 6 minutes at a time. For me, that’s a BIG DEAL! So what else could we do but enter a 5K.

This is us waiting for our 5K to begin...

This is us waiting for our 5K to begin…


Finished in 47:58!

Finished in 47:58!

It was slow going because the route for this 5K was mostly uphill. No lie. We were not fully prepared for that. Our practice runs were in a neighborhood that was pretty flat for the most part. But we did it and survived! Running a 5K was one “secret” item on my bucket list that I crossed off on 6/1. YAY! Here is an update on the remaining items…

1.) Write a minimum of once a week on this blog for at least 52 blog posts this year (Whoo-hoo! I already have 2 in this week…what an overachiever I am!) – UPDATE:  FAILED

2.) Complete 52 intentional acts of kindness this year – one each week of the year. (This week I kicked it off by smiling and waving at a stranger in the urgent care place I visited today since I’m sick.) Update 6/21:  Still going strong!

3.) Lose 10 pounds – Update 6/21:  Um, no. Not even close. Not even with running. I just eat more when I run.

4.) Take a family trip to the beach – Booked for August!

5.) Tour a winery/wine tasting   Wonderful friends of ours took us to a large local wine tasting event in May and it was awesome!

6.) Spa Day (BOOKED FOR MARCH BY BIG DADDY BYRON – Husband of the Year!) – This was wonderful!!!

7.) Pay off one of my student loans ($5,075) – As of March 2013 there’s only $1800 left! – As of June 2013 there’s only $300 left!!!

8.) Clean out my car (Big Daddy Byron did this for me for my birfday! WHOO-HOO!)

9.) Milk a cow

10.) Finish my Master’s program with a 4.0 (1 class to go!)  DONE IN MAY 2013! WHOO-HOO!!!

11.) Try authentic Indian food

12.) Write letters to my kids for when they are older

13.) Go to the PA Farm Show –> Went on Saturday 1/12/13…fried cheese & milkshakes were UNBELIEVABLE!!!

14.) Set up my craft/work space in the basementDone At the end of Jan!

15.) Partake in Zumba

16.) Join a for real book club that actually meets, reads, discusses, and has fun regularly – and stick to it

17.) Take kids apple picking in the fall

18.) Take the kids to our local library once a week during the summer while I’m off

19.) Attend Chocolate Covered February in Hershey

20.) Make more time for me and my Loooooovvvveeee…..BIG DADDY BYRON!

4 responses to “I made a bucket list?

  1. Kari this is an awesome post! Amy and Holly also inspired me to run more (and blog), but you also inspired me to start c25k again. I just started W7, but I run a 5K with my sister today! So nervous! Awesome job on your loans! I know how good that feels! Great blog post and thanks for sharing!! Perfect time to get some motivation right before my run! 🙂

  2. I was hoping you would blog about your run. 🙂 We all inspire each other and that is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Carol Seifarth says:

    You can cross off #15 this Fall. A friend of mine will be teaching a Zumba class at Sinking Springs after school. She also holds a class at North Hills. It will be so convenient and fun to motivate each other!

  4. […] and decided to become an Olympian runner? I ran (and I use the term “ran” loosely) a 5K back in the beginning of June. Apparently insanity confidence is a side effect of running and I […]

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