A little faith and a lot of love go a long way…

“Now that you’re 30…”

on July 4, 2013

I’ve been a busy bee. Since school let out I’ve been in to work multiple times to move my stuff and the stuff from the retired math coach into my new room.  Here’s what it looked like:

Look at the hot mess I made!

Look at the hot mess I made!

Are you ready to see the “after” picture of my super organized and clean room?! Don’t hold your breath dear readers ‘cuz it ain’t happenin’! HAHAHA! I’m not the organized one, Big Daddy Byron is. That’s why you see him in the above photo. We made a big dent in getting things put away and organized today however there’s still work to be done. I’ll try to remember to take an “after” photo once we’re Big Daddy Byron is finished organizing everything.

So I’ve been busy but like most teachers, I had to make time to fit in all of my yearly medical and dental appointments now while school is out. Within a week of my summer vacation I found myself at the chiropractor as well as…the GYNO! Super fun, right? Well, it turns out I hadn’t had my annual check up in awhile.  You see, I was pregnant, giving birth, and caring for newborns for three years straight. So I forgot I needed to get my hoo-hah checked. (Did she really write that? – you) (You’re welcome. – me) 18 months after my youngest baby was born I realized I should get a check up and made an appointment.

Since I lived at visited my gyno’s office for 3 years, it’s no surprise that they knew me well. I didn’t expect that they’d remember me. The office staff was new to me but as soon as the nurse came out to get me, I recognized her. She collected my pee for nearly 3 years. You don’t forget the person who you pee in a cup for approximately 30ish times. She recognized me too with a cheerful, “Hi Kari! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you! No more kids? You were on a roll there for awhile! Hahaha!” Funny.

Next up, the weight check. That was fun. Once that lovely number showed up on the screen, I quickly reminded my nurse friend that I was pregnant for practically 3 years straight and just had a baby…(20 months ago…but who’s counting?). She smiled politely and led me to my room where…well, if you’re a lady you know what happens and if you’re not…then you don’t need to know. The best nurse practitioner in the world works at my gyno’s office and I enjoy talking with her during my appointments. This appointment was no different and she was laughing at my humorous responses and I was relaxed at hearing her tell me that peeing myself after having 2 kids is normal.

The appointment was wrapping up. Then, Patty, the nurse practitioner, blindsided me. “Kari, now that you’re 30…”

I screamed. Well, yelled. “WHAT?! Patty, you’re killing me! Now that I’m 30!?!”

She laughed. “Yes, now that you’re 30 there’s a test we need to talk about. Didn’t you know there’s a list of things we have to talk to you about once you’re 30? Wait until you’re 40 and 50! We’ve got lists of things to talk to you about then too!”

So we chatted about this test I needed to know about now that I’m 30.  Ya know, I have really enjoyed the past 6 months of being 30. Until that moment in time. Then for a split second I panicked about being 30. I mean, I had to talk to a doctor about a test to detect cancer that I should consider because of my age. Because with age comes wisdom cancer. And other medical problems. It freaked me out…for about 5 minutes. Because then I walked out to the waiting room to check out, saw 2 pregnant ladies, and thanked my lucky stars that I have now not gotten pregnant for a record 20 months since my first pregnancy! Amen!

The Gorilla's 1st birthday party...where I was already 4-5 weeks pregnant with Binxy...though I had no idea. That's right, I didn't even make it a year without getting knocked up.  Happy 1st birthday Gorilla, you're gonna be a big brother!

The Gorilla’s 1st birthday party…where I was already 4-5 weeks pregnant with Binxy…though I had no idea. That’s right, I didn’t even make it a year without getting knocked up. Happy 1st birthday Gorilla, you’re gonna be a big brother!


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