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Things I should not have said to my 3 year old

on January 14, 2014

So recently I’ve said some questionable things to my very bright 3 year old.  There have been consequences.

1.  “Jesus is with you in your heart.” – So much for trying to teach my kid values. I’ve now terrified him because he believes there is a small man living in his chest.  He chooses random times to tell me that he doesn’t want “the man in there” (while pointing to his chest) to go with him…like into Walmart. Smart kid with his understanding that Walmart = Hell.


2.  “Hahahahaha!” Ok, so this isn’t technically a phrase, but I may have laughed at him recently when he sharted. Our family happens to find passing gas and poop hilarious topics of conversation and typically, as a 3 year old boy, the Gorilla has truly enjoyed talking about all things bowel-related. Apparently that does not apply to times when he has just accidentally crapped himself and he screamed at me politely asked me to stop laughing at his poop.


These are just the most recent two that have come to mind.  We should probably cool it on the potty humor in our house though, because he definitely may have dropped a family created rhyme that includes the word “butt” to the pediatrician at his last visit. Mother of the Year here folks!

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