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When did the internet become law?

on January 20, 2014

Current pet peeve as I work on forming some actual opinions: People who express opinions often have no or false facts to back them up. Since when did the internet become a reliable source of information? Did I miss the memo that only experts may now post websites, blogs, and videos? (If so…color me pleased and proud to be part of the elite in publishing this fine, educational blog!).

Also, since when did agreeing to disagree respectfully become a bad thing? Well, once both sides present factually based evidence supporting their perspective of course. Why does everyone have such difficulty in either admitting that they could be wrong or misinformed, or that they just aren’t educated enough to have formed a reasonable opinion.  I may have looked strange to others in admitting in the past that I didn’t vote because I wasn’t educated enough about either/both sides to do so, but at least I was honest.

The internet is not full of reputable sources. If there’s an issue you are concerned about or want to know more about, then research and think critically. In a world in which we are so accustomed to immediate gratification and getting our answers in a split second, I urge you to take the additional time to look elsewhere…think…and keep an open mind.


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