A little faith and a lot of love go a long way…

New adventures…

on June 14, 2015


Ah, adventure. It’s the unknown, terrifying yet simultaneously exciting. I’m a fan of the thrill of an adventure but often struggle with the thought of the change it often brings. I have never been one to welcome change. I am a true Capricorn, a practical planner who thrives on structure and routine. Change is difficult for me. Yet, here I am with my whole world changed, continuing to change and I am trying to learn how to embrace it, both the positive and negative changes. My instinct is to prepare for future change, think tirelessly of “the plan” and work out every single possible scenario in my mind before it actually occurs. This, unsurprisingly, causes me a massive amount of anxiety. 


It’s these battles that make me feel alive as much as they break me. The one thing I know for sure though, that knowledge that lives deep within me, is that while I am far, so far, from perfect, I am a survivor. Whatever new adventures await, whatever changes the future holds for me, I. Will. Survive.

With that being said, my summer adventure has already begun! My first evening after a strange yet fulfilling school year was spent celebrating with friends outdoors with delicious food and a roaring fire. The following day was spent with my kiddos, (who will soon get a post of their own in which I update about all of their shenanigans! Ha!), shopping, having lunch with my mom who I haven’t seen in a couple weeks, and attending a birthday party.

Let me pause here. I need to elaborate on this birthday party. You see, because of my work schedule, I am unable to take my children to preschool. Big Daddy Byron and my mom take care of that. However, I’m the one who typically takes the kids to their preschool friends’ birthday parties which never fails to result in a whole lot of AWKWARD as I know no one. I don’t even recognize the kid who we are celebrating and none of the other moms care to get to know me. (WHAT? There are people who don’t care to know this beloved woman?!? – you.) (Sad, but true. – me.)

So I just awkwardly follow my kids around, avoid making eye contact with anyone and try not to fall into any obviously unwanted awkward conversations. The most recent party had some of that, but then I met a mom who I immediately connected with. She was kind of being awkward too and as I walked closer, she introduced herself. Turns out she was the birthday boy’s mom. I apologized for not recognizing her and explained my situation. She sighed and immediately relaxed  as she exclaimed, “I don’t even know anyone here either! I never get to take my kid to school either! Can I get you an adult beverage?”

SCORE! She somewhat drunkenly, I think, led me to the refreshments and I poured myself a drink. We went back to the preschool mom table where no one would talk to us, so we started to chat some more. I asked if she had any other kids and it turns out she has a son in her 20’s as well.

Hold up. This woman looks too young to have a son that old. I did some quick math using my age as an estimate and thought, there’s no way she had a kid when she was 10!

She must have seen the disbelief on my face as she stated, “I’m old, I know. I’m 45.”

All the other moms stopped talking and started listening to our conversation at that. It didn’t phase me though and I simply stated, “I would never have guessed that. You look amazing!”

Now here’s where I knew we were meant to be friends…she leans into me and says, “Want to know my secret? BOTOX!! I work for a plastic surgeon and can inject myself whenever. Look at this bruise by my eye – I just gave myself some this morning!”

I beamed and asked for more info about where she works. The other moms were the ones sitting in awkward silence now. We just laughed, the party continued and the kids had a blast. It was nice to finally meet a kindred spirit within the preschool group, even if it took two years to finally do so.

My summer adventure continued into the evening with a girls’ night out. I don’t often get to see my friends outside of work during the school year, so I was excited! We started with dinner at a Thai restaurant and I got to experience Thai food for the very first time. I’m a fan!

We moved on for some drinks and great conversation. As I’ve been learning and continue to learn, we are all fighting our own battles. 

In the midst of opening up and sharing, I had the pleasure of meeting Jaleel White, aka Steve Urkle. He was at the bar we were at and he was super nice and we got to joke around.  


I would say this has been a pretty fun start to my summer adventure!



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