A little faith and a lot of love go a long way…

Still got it!

The end of the summer is near.  It’s bittersweet for me. It’s no secret I’ve had a tough time since losing my dad, but the past few weeks have almost…almost…felt normal. I guess it’s my new normal since things won’t ever be the same without my dad, but it’s something. It’s hope. I haven’t had that since December 2013, right before my dad’s mass was found, so I’ll take it, and cling to it, and pray things continue to look up.

Enough of the sappy crap. On to more Pinterest!! I can’t even believe I forgot to mention a certain recipe in my previous post because it was the biggest hit of them all!

I made stuffed French bread and it was beyond delicious. I think. I can’t truly tell you because I only got a very small portion of the 2 foot long loaf that I stuffed and then Big Daddy B ate the rest.  Thanks Big Daddy B. 😏 He was pretty excited about that meal though and it’s definitely one I will make again.

So on to my classroom adventures! It turns out my partner teacher who will focus on ELA is AWESOME! She’s been a huge help in my transition to a new building and position, even entertaining my kids in her classroom while Big Daddy B and I worked tirelessly to unpack and organize everything! She’s been so patient with me too, because I haven’t even been able to focus on any of the curriculum and procedural planning than happens before a new school begins because I’ve been so anxious about the physical state of disarray that my room has been in.

Thankfully, my room is about 95% ready to go as of today. Here are some before photos…   

  So. Many. Boxes. 😂

And now for the after photos, including my finished “focus” sign! ***Special shout out to Big Daddy B – I would not be so close to being ready right now without his help and support. ❤️❤️❤️***



I’m using both tables and desks this year. I’m excited to see how that works!

Besides working in my classroom, I also put together some first day of school gifts for my kids’ teachers. I got the idea and free printable here 

I included the following items inside each mason jar:

Chap stick, hand sanitizer, Tic Tacs, Rolaids, Tylenol, a nail file, cute post its, milk and dark chocolate

I’m on a ROLL!


So many updates!!

Basically, I’m amazing.  Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. There’s so much to catch up on!

To begin with, you may remember that I spent the last two years as a Math Coach.  Well, as many districts have already done, mine finally cut all coaching positions. 

What does this mean for me? I’m going back to the classroom! I’ll be teaching 6th grade Math, Science, and Social Studies in a different building. While it’s no secret that I’m terribly sad to leave my current school family, I am already acquainted with much of the talented staff in my new building and I’m actually SUPER EXCITED to go back into the classroom. It’s true, I really do LOVE teaching! (Someone remind me of that during report card time…😋)

Anyway, with one week left to go in the summer, I’m still trying to get my room unpacked and organized as I only found out about a week and a half ago where I would be. I’ll post before and after photos once I have them!

For now though, I’ve completed a couple Pinterest projects for my classroom. First, I found this clever idea:  

So I created my own letters which I’ll hang before school starts!  
Then, I found this adorable idea…


So tonight I just completed the first of two canvasses. Definitely not as nice as the pin but I tried!! (It’s pretty obvious why I teach Math and not Art, Hahahaha!) (The kids will add their fingerprints in green as leaves the first week.)


I’ve also been cooking up a storm thanks to Pinterest! 

I made these delicious sweet and sour meatball skewers which were very tasty!

I also made this potato salad but I didn’t take a photo of it. It was yummy too! 

Then I made chicken stroganoff and it was also delicious!

I also made a loaded cauliflower and chicken casserole that was good (no photo).

Jumping back to the topic of school, I’ve kept busy getting primped for going back to being a full-time working mom. I even changed my hair color for the fall! 


So many projects, so little time!! See, I don’t spend ALL my time moping around! 😋

I’m anxious about getting my classroom ready in time for the first day of school, but looking forward to sharing the finished product photos! Coming soon!

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Pinterest Update

Well, I figured it was about time that I updated about Pinterest.  Because that is one obsession passion that I still have.  I don’t have pictures of everything I’ve attempted, but here goes…

Awhile ago I made homemade applesauce in a crockpot.  It was deeeeeelicious!

I should be a chef.

I should be a chef.

Then one of my best friends had a birthday less than a month after she had her first baby.  What does every new mom need? LIQUOR.  So I made her a liquor bouquet.




liquor bouquet 2.jpg

I also attempted some recipes that I found though I have no pics…those mini chicken pot “pies”…tasty! As well as a chicken cordon bleu casserole…also yummy except for the fact that it included rice. (Due to my gastric bypass I can’t eat rice.) But because I’m an idiot I made it with rice anyways and hoped for the best which ended in violent vomitting. Yes, you’re welcome for that image.

In addition to pretending to be a craft domesticated wifey, I crossed another item off my 2013 bucket list. I went to the PA Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA.  It definitely smelled like a farm…but after a couple minutes you don’t notice it anymore.  Other than that, it was awesome! The kids had a blast and espectially loved the animals!

My cowboy Gorilla!

My cowboy Gorilla!


Exhausted from the fun!

Exhausted from the fun!

Big Daddy Byron and I loved the food! The fried cheese and milkshakes were to die for. Seriously the best I’ve ever had. Besides the entertainment for the kiddos and the scrumptious treats…THEY HAD WINE! There were several different wineries set up in one area and you could taste test and buy right there. This mama doesn’t play so I rolled up (at 10:30 am no less) and told them to start pouring because I was tasting EVERYTHING they had to offer. By the time I was done the stroller was loaded down with 4 bottles of wine and I was much more relaxed. (In all fairness 2 of the 4 bottles were a birthday gift for my mom and I had to wait in line to taste at 10 am…so I was not alone in my morning wine-scapade.)  I’ll drink to that!

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Fake It Friday

I promised I’d be back and here I am.  This is an extra special edition of Fake It Friday for several reasons…

1.)  I have not had any wine yet this evening but I have begun typing.
2.)  I will give 3 tips on how to “fake it…”
3.)  …however I will also update you on the cupcake fiasco
4.) …and I will also integrate some Pinterest project updates in this post!

Wow, you all must have been good this week for all that. 😉  Speaking of “you all” I think we should celebrate because I now have 20 followers! Do you know what that means? There are 20 geniuses out there in the world.  20 geniuses with impeccable taste. So if you have not yet joined them in following me, do it now. If you do, I’ll hug you. (No, I won’t…I don’t like hugs. But I will make you laugh. Or at least try.)

So, how do you fake it? Well, here’s what you DON’T do….you don’t write public blog posts telling the world what a faker you are and how you do it when you are supposed to be working hard to make it look like you’ve got it all together.

Hi, I’m a faker…you’re not supposed to know that but I went ahead and started blogging about it every Friday.
*If you want to fake it, don’t admit that you’re faking it on a weekly basis like this clown above.

So besides keeping your faking ways on the DL (down low for you oldheads like me out there), here’s tip #2:  adult hair.

(“Adult hair? Where is she going with this?” – you and the rest of the world)

Get a hair cut that is appropriate for your age and if necessary…get it colored.  If your hair looks professional, you are on your way to looking like you have it together.  That’s why I found a nice picture of Jessica Simpson (my hair muse and role model) on PINTEREST (surprise!), took it to the hair stylist and said, “Lady, I’m about to be 30. I need to start looking like a professional adult instead of a hobo!” which led to the birth of sunlight on my head, a.k.a. HIGHLIGHTS.

“Let there be light.”


Well, well, well, look who joined the party…

Hi, I’m Kari’s glass of wine and I’m going to give you the third tip to faking it!


3rd tip:  DELEGATE      Say yes to pretty much everything then delegate, delegate, delegate. If you’re like me, you’ll wise up and choose a particular person to delegate regularly too…someone who you can count on….someone like Big Daddy Byron. For example, I thought I’d go ahead and attempt look like that cutesy (yet irritating) teacher who is so with it that in between working and raising children, she had some spare time to craft an adorable little Halloween treat for her students and fellow grade-level teachers.  Hehehehehe…but guess what? All I did was pin the idea on Pinterest….then I sweetly asked for Big Daddy Byron’s assistance, (and if he tells you I was anything but sweet he is LYING), and ended up with 40 marshmallow ghosts hand-crafted by my darling husband.

Casper’s cousin who came all the way from the land of PINTEREST!

Speaking of that darling husband of mine, would you like to know what he and his buddy, “The Godfather,” were up to on Halloween after trick-or-treating?

Sampling those tasty CURDLED CUPCAKES!

Happy Friday!



I’m dreaming of a PINTEREST Christmas!

In case you haven’t noticed, we have entered the holiday season. As a seasoned procrastinator, this excites me. Nothing compares to the thrill of waiting until the very last minute (i.e. about 4 pm on 12/24) to realize you are completely unprepared for the biggest commercial holiday of the year and then scrambling to throw a few last minute things (i.e. a Christmas tree and heartfelt gifts and a meal that didn’t come out of a box or can) together.

So even though I just love the rush of taking my sweet time to do anything holiday related until the last possible second, Pinterest has sucked me in once again (SURPRISE!) and I found a little somethin’ somethin’ to create that will hopefully help me to be a bit more organized.

The lovely ladies over at eighteen25 have put together a 10 step plan for crafting an adorable Christmas planner.  But before I get to that…I have a sidebar:

Jen, from eighteen25, and I e-mailed a bit about the planner and she suggested that I get hooked up with a “linky party” to get my blog out there.  So my question is…what is a linky party and how do I get invited to one? Help please!

Ok, back to the Christmas planner…so I had my 2 besties (haha, yes, I’m 12 years old) over to enjoy some wine and create a planner. Except one is on a diet and one is 8 months pregnant so basically I just drank my wine (and theirs). It turns out that wine + crafts = a half-assed Christmas planner.

Besides my friends and Big Daddy Byron, my arch nemesis attended this Christmas-themed Pinterest party. Mod Podge. This time though, I faced off with the brush on kind rather than the spray on mod podge. Definitely a better outcome, though I use the term “better” loosely.

So we meet again…

First I cut up some scrapbook paper.  Totally did not use the hole punch they recommended. In fact, other than reading about a hole punch, I pretty much decided to forgo the whole “reading directions” thing.

1 glass of wine…not looking too bad!

Oh look…she’s pregnant…I’ll just have her glass too!

Oh look…now there’s ink everywhere…I’ll drink to that!

Time to coat it with mod podge.

Ta-da! Finished Christmas planner!

Overall, besides getting a little too excited with the ink pad and a few rough edges, it didn’t turn out too bad. Definitely pretty easy to make. I should have read the directions though because I’m pretty sure a stapler was supposed to be involved somehow but I decided to just use a couple glue dots. Which means the front and back cover are only sort of attached to the composition book. Ah well. It can still serve it’s purpose. In fact, I’ve even used it already.  In the calendar section, I wrote “Christmas” on the space for 12/25. Before ya know it, I’ll be wrapping gifts on the 23rd instead of the 24th!







Big Daddy’s Pinterest Project

Surprise, surprise…another Pinterest themed post. It must be your lucky day. You’re welcome. HA! 😉

I’m still at it. This is probably the longest I’ve ever stuck with something crafty. You are witnessing a miracle.

Project:  A shelf over the door to one of our bathrooms. Why? Not sure. We don’t store much in that bathroom anyway since it’s the half bath, but I saw it on Pinterest and I really want to be one of the cool organized kids so I made Big Daddy Byron participate. And by participate I mean I made him do it all.

Big Daddy’s Pinterest project that would not have been done had I not been the amazing supervisor that I was.

This shelf did inspire Big Daddy Byron to clean out a closet though and begin storing toilet paper for this bathroom on this shelf. So the shelf served it’s purpose and I am one step closer to being organized. Soon I’ll probably be in charge of the world. It’s only a matter of time.

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Fake it Friday!

Well, well, well…we meet again. It’s been a bit of a….hectic week, to say the least. But never fear, Fake It Friday is here.

Brought to you by the largest can I’ve ever seen…a 1 pt 8 oz Heineken can!
*Heineken does not necessarily support or endorse the opinions expressed in this blog. No one does really.


As I participated in a grade level meeting this week, it occurred to me that one of the best ways to fake it is to use big words. Actually, the key is to use them correctly or at least say them with enough confidence that everyone who hears you thinks you know what you’re talking about. Thankfully I’m a nerd who loves words and vocabulary.  I’m not at the level that one of my dearest friends is, but I can usually hold my own if I have too. The words or phrases don’t necessarily have to be ridiculously long or hard to pronouce, but just words that sound smart.

Just drop a few big ones into a conversation like, “impeccable,” “I concur,” “but I digress,” integrated,” “imperative,” and as I type I just realized that I apparently enjoy words that begin with the letter “i.” But I digress. HA. Gotchya. Thought I was with it, eh? I don’t even know what that means for sure.  In fact, most times I have no idea what I’m saying. But I talk fast and use semi-educated sounding words. Bring on the fake.

The second tip I have for faking it tonight is so obvious but of course it took me 3 weeks to figure out. Are you ready? Use Pinterest. DUH. Make stuff that looks cool and makes you look like you’re really with it but it was never your idea to begin with.

Exhibit A: “App”lying Academic Choice : Choice board to use in the classroom

I have to give credit where credit is due. A very helpful colleague who is open to sharing and lets me steal lots of her great ideas gave me this idea (and graciously supplied most of the supplies as well!).  The whole idea of creating an i-pad lookalike has been on Pinterest a lot though I think inspired many of the teachers that I work with.  With that being said though, I sometimes struggle with turning an idea into reality because 1.) I’m lazy and 2.) I’m a very linear thinker and it’s hard for me to put it all together without having visual models. My colleague made her choice board and allowed me to put mine together using hers so I could look at it while I worked. She probably doesn’t know it, bu just having that visual made a HUGE difference for me in terms of being able to get a finished product. Amen!

Soooooo…use Pinterest, get lots of wonderful, creative ideas, then do them and let everyone think you’re a rock star! For example, someone in the building saw me carrying my choice board as I was finishing up and was super impressed with me. The one thing about faking it that I’m bad at though is that I don’t feel comfortable lying to fake things. So if I get caught faking it, I’ll be the first to tell you. Which is what I did in this particular situation – I laughed and let the person know that I was flattered they thought it was my idea, but I couldn’t take credit, C. (my colleague) had given me the idea and helped me put it together. So much for faking it. Ya win some, ya lose some! 😉




My newest Pinterest-inspired creations:

1.)  Table skirts.  Here’s the play by play of how I came about these gorgeous table skirts…
a.)  Repin an “easy” table skirt project.
b.)  Read actual instructions.  Realize it is NOT easy because I do NOT know how to sew.
c.)  Place desperate plea on Facebook for help.
d.)  Barter a delicious meal (made by Byron who is an actual chef….no one wants to eat the slop I make) for table skirts with a friend from college who is a Family and Consumer Science teacher in a nearby district. (SCORE!)
e.)  Pick out and purchase cute fabric/materials….send along with the expert and then voila! I end up with amazing table skirts!

Table skirt #1 that I did NOT make…(however the idea was courtesy of

Table skirt #2 that I did NOT make

2.)  Transportation Station.  Laminated labels with bus numbers. Hot glued to ribbon. Hung on door with velcro. Clothespins with student names.  Each name goes on the bus they ride so I and any substitute knows how everyone is getting home.  If they have to ride on a different bus with a friend or a parent will pick them up instead of riding the bus, they just switch their clothespin.

Transportation Station

3.)  Bulletin Board. I always do a bulletin board at the beginning of the year telling all about me.  It gives information about how I’m a mom, wife, teacher, daughter, sister, friend, and aunt.  During the first few days of school the students do a scavenger hunt using that information to help them get to know me.  I leave it up for Open House then so the parents can get to know me as more than just their kid’s teacher as well. Though it’s not Pinterest-inspired, this year it’s the cutest it’s ever been.

Beginning of the year bulletin board

I’m a little sad that summer is ending and I officially go back to work on Monday….no, I’m not sad that I have to go back to work…just sad that there will be less time for PINTEREST!


Craft FAIL…and now I might die

Soooooo….decided to get crafty for my classroom. I chose some Pinterest inspired projects of course. I attempted to make a “Brain Break” jar and “Kindness Container.” Note the “attempted.” Oh and sorry the pics are dark. It’s late and I’m too lazy to turn on more lights.

First, I sent Byron out for Mod Podge, which I have never used before.

Mod Podge….my enemy

He came back with Mod Podge…and these.

Clearly NOT Mod Podge…

He justified Dear John by pointing out that Channing Tatum is in it so it was a gift of love for me.

Next, I started on the Brain Break jar while he removed the label from the Kindness container.  He just pulled the label off, then rubbed the rest of the adhesive off using a few drops of olive oil on a paper towel.  Super quick and effective. Found that method on Pinterest as well.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Get that label off Big Daddy…

I should note that it clearly states on the Mod Podge bottle that it contains chemicals that will probably kill me. I am risking my life in the name of education. I feel like I’ve taken teaching to a whole new level.

Death by Mod Podge

So then I finish the projects. And what am I left with? A major craft FAIL. The ink on my labels ran. You can see where I got a little too adhesive happy with the Mod Podge in certain spots.


Should I have used thicker paper? Laminated the labels before attaching? Not attempted to use Mod Podge at all and instead enlist the help of an expert?

I’m going to add ribbon later and use them anyway. I did not just give myself cancer using Mod Podge to not use these containers. Take that Pinterest.