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Fake It Friday

I promised I’d be back and here I am.  This is an extra special edition of Fake It Friday for several reasons…

1.)  I have not had any wine yet this evening but I have begun typing.
2.)  I will give 3 tips on how to “fake it…”
3.)  …however I will also update you on the cupcake fiasco
4.) …and I will also integrate some Pinterest project updates in this post!

Wow, you all must have been good this week for all that. 😉  Speaking of “you all” I think we should celebrate because I now have 20 followers! Do you know what that means? There are 20 geniuses out there in the world.  20 geniuses with impeccable taste. So if you have not yet joined them in following me, do it now. If you do, I’ll hug you. (No, I won’t…I don’t like hugs. But I will make you laugh. Or at least try.)

So, how do you fake it? Well, here’s what you DON’T do….you don’t write public blog posts telling the world what a faker you are and how you do it when you are supposed to be working hard to make it look like you’ve got it all together.

Hi, I’m a faker…you’re not supposed to know that but I went ahead and started blogging about it every Friday.
*If you want to fake it, don’t admit that you’re faking it on a weekly basis like this clown above.

So besides keeping your faking ways on the DL (down low for you oldheads like me out there), here’s tip #2:  adult hair.

(“Adult hair? Where is she going with this?” – you and the rest of the world)

Get a hair cut that is appropriate for your age and if necessary…get it colored.  If your hair looks professional, you are on your way to looking like you have it together.  That’s why I found a nice picture of Jessica Simpson (my hair muse and role model) on PINTEREST (surprise!), took it to the hair stylist and said, “Lady, I’m about to be 30. I need to start looking like a professional adult instead of a hobo!” which led to the birth of sunlight on my head, a.k.a. HIGHLIGHTS.

“Let there be light.”


Well, well, well, look who joined the party…

Hi, I’m Kari’s glass of wine and I’m going to give you the third tip to faking it!


3rd tip:  DELEGATE      Say yes to pretty much everything then delegate, delegate, delegate. If you’re like me, you’ll wise up and choose a particular person to delegate regularly too…someone who you can count on….someone like Big Daddy Byron. For example, I thought I’d go ahead and attempt look like that cutesy (yet irritating) teacher who is so with it that in between working and raising children, she had some spare time to craft an adorable little Halloween treat for her students and fellow grade-level teachers.  Hehehehehe…but guess what? All I did was pin the idea on Pinterest….then I sweetly asked for Big Daddy Byron’s assistance, (and if he tells you I was anything but sweet he is LYING), and ended up with 40 marshmallow ghosts hand-crafted by my darling husband.

Casper’s cousin who came all the way from the land of PINTEREST!

Speaking of that darling husband of mine, would you like to know what he and his buddy, “The Godfather,” were up to on Halloween after trick-or-treating?

Sampling those tasty CURDLED CUPCAKES!

Happy Friday!



What day is it?

It’s SUNDAY. Which means I missed Fake It Friday. Definitely unintentional.  Let me explain…

Remember how I posted about not sleeping? Well, I’ve been doing a lot of that this past week.  So when Friday rolled around I was beyond exhausted, but determined to keep on faking it and get a post published.

Then bedtime happened. It was time for the Gorilla to go to sleep. So I snuggled in with him to help him fall asleep…and the next thing I know I woke up and it was 11:00 pm.  Nothing left to do at that point except head over to my bed and finish out the night.  Needless to say, I actually felt a little better at least.

More to come soon…I’ve got another sleepless week ahead so I’m sure I’ll get a post or two finished. 😉

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Fake It Friday!

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?

Fake it.

Fake it who?


Horrible, I know. Anywho, this life-altering edition of Fake It Friday is NOT sponsored by…

BUTTER. I wish it were though.

So I wanted some butter tonight.  But I’m a classy broad, so I couldn’t just drink it from the bottle. I added a little popcorn to it so I could keep my dignity. However I ended up with an unexpected side of anger and bewilderment.


Exhibit A: The convenient Popcorn button on the microwave.


Exhibit B: Check out step #1 of the directions: Do not use the popcorn button.

Why in the hell is there a popcorn button if I’m not supposed to use it?! Talk about rage. I almost flipped the kitchen table when I saw that my right to use the popcorn button was being challenged. I cleared my head though and stuck it to the man…I used that button and I liked it. I’m leading the popcorn button rebellion…Katniss ain’t got nothin’ on me.

But back to Fake It Friday. Two tips this week for faking it…and these two I happen to be a pro at.

1.)  Don’t sleep.
2.)  Drink a LOT of coffee. As in gallons.

If you don’t sleep you can at least get some things accomplished (though we all know the to-do list never ends) so it looks like you’re on top of things. No one needs to know you really only accomplished the low-priority items on your list.

Obviously if you’re not sleeping in order to look like you have it all together, you’re going to need help functioning during the day. Coffee is my go-to for that little issue. I find it delicious and refreshing. Whatever your drug of choice is to help you stay awake after pulling an all-nighter, I do just hope it’s not an actual drug. We don’t need anyone having a Jessie Spano episode. (If you get that reference, you rock.)


Fake It Friday

Life’s too short to be too serious so here we are again with another heart-warming rendition of FAKE IT FRIDAY!

My absolute fave…
*Nissley does not support the views or opinions expressed in this blog. No one does really.

I know you love the festive jack-o-lantern in the background. Happy 1st Fake It Friday of October!

Tonight’s tip…when creating something, make it cute.  Bedazzle it, add glitter, have someone with nice handwriting write it out or type in the cutest font you can find. Hot glue puppies to it. Wait, I mean pictures of puppies.

I discovered this while looking through PINTEREST for anchor charts to make for upcoming units I’ll be teaching. There are some charts out there that are unebelievably cute. I didn’t even read what was on them, I just instantly pinned them.

So go ahead…make that poster that tells everyone you’ll return to your office or room at 1:00 pm after your afternoon poop…just make it pretty and no one will even bother to read it. However they’ll walk away knowing you really have your shit together…literally. 😉

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Fake it Friday!

Well, well, well…we meet again. It’s been a bit of a….hectic week, to say the least. But never fear, Fake It Friday is here.

Brought to you by the largest can I’ve ever seen…a 1 pt 8 oz Heineken can!
*Heineken does not necessarily support or endorse the opinions expressed in this blog. No one does really.


As I participated in a grade level meeting this week, it occurred to me that one of the best ways to fake it is to use big words. Actually, the key is to use them correctly or at least say them with enough confidence that everyone who hears you thinks you know what you’re talking about. Thankfully I’m a nerd who loves words and vocabulary.  I’m not at the level that one of my dearest friends is, but I can usually hold my own if I have too. The words or phrases don’t necessarily have to be ridiculously long or hard to pronouce, but just words that sound smart.

Just drop a few big ones into a conversation like, “impeccable,” “I concur,” “but I digress,” integrated,” “imperative,” and as I type I just realized that I apparently enjoy words that begin with the letter “i.” But I digress. HA. Gotchya. Thought I was with it, eh? I don’t even know what that means for sure.  In fact, most times I have no idea what I’m saying. But I talk fast and use semi-educated sounding words. Bring on the fake.

The second tip I have for faking it tonight is so obvious but of course it took me 3 weeks to figure out. Are you ready? Use Pinterest. DUH. Make stuff that looks cool and makes you look like you’re really with it but it was never your idea to begin with.

Exhibit A: “App”lying Academic Choice : Choice board to use in the classroom

I have to give credit where credit is due. A very helpful colleague who is open to sharing and lets me steal lots of her great ideas gave me this idea (and graciously supplied most of the supplies as well!).  The whole idea of creating an i-pad lookalike has been on Pinterest a lot though I think inspired many of the teachers that I work with.  With that being said though, I sometimes struggle with turning an idea into reality because 1.) I’m lazy and 2.) I’m a very linear thinker and it’s hard for me to put it all together without having visual models. My colleague made her choice board and allowed me to put mine together using hers so I could look at it while I worked. She probably doesn’t know it, bu just having that visual made a HUGE difference for me in terms of being able to get a finished product. Amen!

Soooooo…use Pinterest, get lots of wonderful, creative ideas, then do them and let everyone think you’re a rock star! For example, someone in the building saw me carrying my choice board as I was finishing up and was super impressed with me. The one thing about faking it that I’m bad at though is that I don’t feel comfortable lying to fake things. So if I get caught faking it, I’ll be the first to tell you. Which is what I did in this particular situation – I laughed and let the person know that I was flattered they thought it was my idea, but I couldn’t take credit, C. (my colleague) had given me the idea and helped me put it together. So much for faking it. Ya win some, ya lose some! 😉



Fake It Friday!

Well, hello there! It’s time for another heart-warming rendition of FAKE IT FRIDAY!! This week’s Fake It Friday is brought to you by…

Alpine Spice wine…tastes like adult apple cider…just what the doctor ordered on this FAKE IT FRIDAY!

Before I go on, I have a disclaimer.  Last week’s Fake It Friday post was very well received in my opinion. I must make my readers, followers, die-hard fans, stalkers, and haters aware of one thing though…”faking it” is a fine art that takes time to develop.  If you feel like you’re not faking it well yet….just keep at it. In good time it will happen young grasshopper.

On to tonight’s lesson…faking it is all about looking like you have it all together even when you don’t.  It’s about perception.  So my top tip for faking it is to be genuinely friendly. Why? Easy.

1.)  The number one reason is that jerks suck. There really is no actual need for you to be miserable. Suck it up and deal like the rest of us. Try spreading a little love and positivity. Your life will change in ways you never imagined.
2.)  People like those who are genuinely friendly. When you’re liked, people tend to think the best of you…like how you have it together (even when you don’t.) Oh, and for those rare times when you might get caught faking it…people are more likely to forgive and move on if you’ve got a good rapport and are liked. So be genuine. Life’s too short to be a jerk.

Hi, I’m so friendly. I must have have it all together.

Tonight’s second tip for faking it and faking it well is to save all e-mails.  I have over 2,500 e-mails for work and probably close to 4,096,038,084 in my personal e-mails. (Yeah, I have e-mailS…gotta have more than one so I can be on the DL when I need to be…)

(Oh, DL is code for “down low” for all you oldheads, like me, out there who aren’t always up to date with the hip lingo of today’s whippersnappers.) Let’s just go ahead and be honest though. I actually have multiple e-mail addresses because I continuously forget the passwords of each of them so I create new ones. I don’t actually need to be on the DL for anything because I am an loser on the fast track to senior citizen status who is lucky she can remember her own name at this point. 😉

But back to the e-mails…save everything. That way when someone mentions a date you’re supposed to know about you can just nod and smile (and of course be genuinely friendly) and then run to your desk the second they leave and search for the e-mail they claim to have sent 3 months (or 3 minutes) ago with this date.  Read through the e-mail once found and refresh your memory on what it is you’re actually supposed to be doing on that date. Panic on the inside for a few seconds, (because typically this scenario is only going to occur on the date that happens to be the one you were supposed to know about beforehand), then go take care of business when you realize that you’ve faked it by at least looking like you knew what was going on…all because you knew you could get the info from your e-mails since you never delete them. WINNING! (Maybe that should be, FAKING!)

You’ve got mail! Lots and lots of mail!

You don’t actually have to have it all together at all times. You just need to look like you do.  You can and will if you just keep faking it. Happy Fake It Friday!