A little faith and a lot of love go a long way…

Once upon a time…

I’d like to tell you a bedtime story.  Once upon a time there was a horrific monster called the Holiday Beast.  The Holiday Beast devours everyone’s time, patience, and energy leaving only exhaustion and stress behind.  The end.

I met the Holiday Beast.  Hence my lack of blogging.  As the year winds down though things aren’t quite as hectic. Amen.  So here I sit with my glass of wine and an update for my lovely readers, if there are any left.

I’ve continued on with my 30 days of Birthday Kindness. I’d probably have been better about logging/updating about it but I happened to be born during the crazy holiday season which has made that part of the process, the documenting part, much more difficult.  I don’t remember them all, but here are some of the things I did…

*walked the dog for my hubby
*bought and delivered cupcakes to all the teachers in my building who work with my kids but don’t typically get thanked
*picked up lunch for a friend who didn’t have time to do so
*bought a gift card while at Wal-mart and secretly had the cashier give it to the person behind me
*sent a gift card to a mama in need

And I continue on as we get close to the big 3-0 on 1/2/13.  I’m having fun being nice. Who knew?!?! Ha! 😉

Speaking of the big 3-0, 2013 is gonna be a fantastic year I think.  Lots going on worth celebrating, though I believe life is worth celebrating each day.  I kick off the year by turning 30, my Gorilla turns 3 a month later (though we’ve already rolled right into the terrible threes…ya’ll were right…waaaaaaaayyyy worse than the terrible 2’s!), then the next month is my 5 year wedding anniversary…followed by my dad FINALLY retiring at age 71, then the end to a fulfilling but challenging school year, hopefully a beach trip thrown in over the summer and who knows what else life will bring our way.  While thinking about the upcoming year I have decided I’ll be making a bucket list for 2013.  I’m not planning on kicking the bucket in ’13 but I think it’ll be fun and easier to manage being a list of things I’d like to accomplish in my 30th year rather than the remainder of my life.  Stay tuned for my 2013 bucket list.


So this is Thanksgiving…

Call in the search parties! I have been found alive and well! (If you were offering a reward you can just make the check out to me…thanks.)

As anyone in education knows, November is the most hectic month of the year. After my last post in early November I had to kick it into high gear in order to be ready for conferences, complete my standards-based report cards (which are way more in depth than a typical report card with a percentage or letter grade), keep up with my normal work load and grad work, and squeeze in some time to be a wife, mom and oh yeah…get ready to host Thanksgiving dinner.


Mmmm, turkey….***this is not a picture of my Thanksgiving dinner though…want to know why? Keep reading…

#1 we live in a small townhouse…that means we do not own a dining room table large enough to fit more than 4 people…and even that is stretching it. So we sit everything out on the stove and table and what little counter space we have.  Then everyone goes at it buffet style and we eat in the living room.  Though we set a table up there, (that makes everyone extra squished but we try), most people just chill out wherever and eat and that is totally fine with us.  We are flexible like that.

#2 I didn’t even make Thanksgiving dinner.  Oh I hosted.  And I worked real hard tearing open packages.  But I sure didn’t cook.  Look, I’m a Capricorn which means I’m nothing if not practical.  Not only do I live in a small townhouse, I have a husband, 2 year old and a 1 year old, an 85 pound dog, and a job that requires that I basically live at work for the 3 weeks leading up to the holiday.  I refuse to add to that stress by cooking a 10 course meal. So I happily ordered my holiday meal (pies and all) online from a local grocery store that does catering, promptly picked it up with my son at 8:30 am on Thanksgving morning and by noon we had a beautiful meal set out and all I had to do was sip my wine and throw packages in the oven to heat up while enjoying my family and friends. Sounds like the perfect way to show my gratitude for being finished with 3 weeks of no sleep and constant work.  Also sounds like one of the ultimate ways to Fake It. SCORE.

Oh and I also didn’t use the nice china that needs to be handwashed. Hell no I didn’t. I spent $6 at Wal-Mart to buy 12 plastic tumblers and 12 plastic plates in fall colors that are sturdier than paper plates/cups but nothing fancy (obviously for $6).  Then I splurged and bought two packs of plastic forks, knives, and spoons. Happy Thanksgiving from the classiest broad around.

Next, I will conquer Christmas…


I’m coming for you next Christmas!

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