A little faith and a lot of love go a long way…

Things I’m Loving…

I’ve been feeling down for a couple of days (thanks to my angry uterus) and so I figured I could focus on the positive and note a few things I am LOVING right now.

1.)  Pampered Chef – my hubby recently became a consultant (he’s a trained chef but currently a stay at home dad so this was a way for him to do what he loves and get out of the house from time to time) and I love it! I went to a party with him today for support and we had a blast. One guest even told us we make a great team! (Duh!) 😉 I’m also loving their products…I haven’t used much of my PC stuff that I got years and years ago but now I’m learning so much and even someone with NO COOKING SKILLS AT ALL (like me) can be successful and I’m loving it!


2.)  The gym – we caved and got a gym membership. It was a tough decision and it’s still a bit painful for me to look at the membership fee each month when I do our budget, especially considering we live on limited funds with only 1 of us working full-time, and are really trying to become debt-free, HOWEVER, we finally decided to do it…for a variety of reasons, some very personal that even if I divulged here many probably wouldn’t understand, but we did and I have to say, it’s been a true blessing. We both feel so much better going to the gym and are making health a priority which has made a noticeable positive impact in our quality of life. Amen.


3.)  Snow Days – this is actually a Love-Hate relationship.  Technically, I LOATHE snow and winter. Just can’t stand it. And I hate that snow days mess up my routine and overall schedule. HOWEVER, I have to admit, that I’ve loved the time they’ve provided for me to be at home with my family, especially my babies. They are growing so fast and I truly appreciate the memories of playing in the snow and making snow ice cream with them!


What are you currently loving?

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