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So many updates!!

Basically, I’m amazing.  Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. There’s so much to catch up on!

To begin with, you may remember that I spent the last two years as a Math Coach.  Well, as many districts have already done, mine finally cut all coaching positions. 

What does this mean for me? I’m going back to the classroom! I’ll be teaching 6th grade Math, Science, and Social Studies in a different building. While it’s no secret that I’m terribly sad to leave my current school family, I am already acquainted with much of the talented staff in my new building and I’m actually SUPER EXCITED to go back into the classroom. It’s true, I really do LOVE teaching! (Someone remind me of that during report card time…😋)

Anyway, with one week left to go in the summer, I’m still trying to get my room unpacked and organized as I only found out about a week and a half ago where I would be. I’ll post before and after photos once I have them!

For now though, I’ve completed a couple Pinterest projects for my classroom. First, I found this clever idea:  

So I created my own letters which I’ll hang before school starts!  
Then, I found this adorable idea…


So tonight I just completed the first of two canvasses. Definitely not as nice as the pin but I tried!! (It’s pretty obvious why I teach Math and not Art, Hahahaha!) (The kids will add their fingerprints in green as leaves the first week.)


I’ve also been cooking up a storm thanks to Pinterest! 

I made these delicious sweet and sour meatball skewers which were very tasty!

I also made this potato salad but I didn’t take a photo of it. It was yummy too! 

Then I made chicken stroganoff and it was also delicious!

I also made a loaded cauliflower and chicken casserole that was good (no photo).

Jumping back to the topic of school, I’ve kept busy getting primped for going back to being a full-time working mom. I even changed my hair color for the fall! 


So many projects, so little time!! See, I don’t spend ALL my time moping around! 😋

I’m anxious about getting my classroom ready in time for the first day of school, but looking forward to sharing the finished product photos! Coming soon!

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Beach life

I’ve spent the better part of this past week at the beach. Distance from home and everyday routines has given me some much needed space to breathe and begin to really sort some things out in my mind.  

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I needed to have a conversation with God. Finally, I did it. Just two nights ago I spoke to God for the first time in nearly a year. I’ve prayed each night since.

Healing isn’t instantaneous and I didn’t expect it to be. There’s still a long road ahead, but finally, finally, I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. 💡🔦


A lot has happened during this brief summer respite. Our trip to Florida kicked off the summer and I didn’t expect to do much more traveling. Then, my dad’s only brother passed away suddenly. It was off to Nebraska for a few days then with my mom to say good-bye to my uncle and spend some time with my cousins and family. 

That was a tough trip. The last time we were all together was when my dad passed. He and my uncle were very close. There were many photos of my dad at my uncle’s funeral and I certainly had some difficult moments there. Reminiscing was welcomed but also poked a bit at wounds that still seem a bit too fresh for my liking. 

Now, I find myself at the beach. The future is uncertain, that I know with great certainty. I can’t change the past. But right now, I am here.

By the way, I promise the next few posts will be much lighter. I have lots I want to write about that will certainly be more entertaining, but my heart has been heavy and on this night that I just can’t seem to fall asleep though I’m quite tired, I knew it was time to write and unload a few of the infinite thoughts swirling in my mind.

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Pinterest project update!

“You stand in the line just to hit a new low

You’re faking a smile with the coffee to go

You tell me your life’s been way off line

You’re falling to pieces every time

And I don’t need no carryin’ on

Cause you had a bad day

You’re taking one down

You sing a sad song just to turn it around

You say you don’t know

You tell me don’t lie

You work at a smile and you go for a ride

You had a bad day

The camera don’t lie

You’re coming back down and you really don’t mind

You had a bad day

You had a bad day”

Daniel Powter, Bad Day

Well, I’ve had a couple of bad days for sure. Today included. I even tried to drown my sorrows in some tasty pasta salad. 
Note: I didn’t drown. Neither did my sorrows. However, I have a pretty bad stomachache to accompany my raging headache and bad attitude.  

In the grand scheme of things, my problems aren’t that serious. I know that. So rather than lament on and on about my #firstworldproblems, (yes, I did just use a hashtag in my blog post), let’s talk PINTEREST!!

Basically, I’m a pretty crappy mom about 360 days of the year. There’s about 5 days or so when I seem to nail it and typically those days occurs on birthdays and during the summer. It’s during these warm weather months that I’m blessed to be home with my babies that I try to plan exciting and new things for my offspring. I’d like to think I’m building their background knowledge and keeping them from ever becoming bored and making memories. Then, my little jerks, I mean angels, bring me back to reality by having the following conversations with their father:

Gorilla: Why does mama keep planning things for us to do?

Big Daddy B: She wants you to have fun!

Gorilla: Well, it needs to stop. Now.

Too bad, I’m not stopping. You WILL have fun this summer you ungrateful…well, you will. I demand fun in the summer. And what else is more fun than a PINTEREST INSPIRED PIE PARTY!!

So, awhile ago I found this pin for a mini-pie bar. 

I decided to up the ante a bit and throw a pie party for my kiddos and some of their friends.

There were lots of fun toppings. 

And the end results were pretty tasty.    

The kids seemed to have fun, so I consider it a success!

Besides pie parties, we’ve kept busy in other ways as well.

We’ve spent time at the neighborhood park. 

We went to a local carnival. I should note that I hate heights and Ferris wheels. I especially loathe carnival grade Ferris wheels. I have no trust in the rusty screws that allegedly hold them together. However, my son begged to ride the Ferris wheel, and so I sucked it up, held on to him for dear life, and we rode. Of course, he loved it.   

Sparklers with Daddy on a rainy 4th of July.  

A visit to the Choo Choo Barn in Lancaster. 


A tour of the Utz potato chip factory in Hanover.   


And while I’m not dragging my family around making them enjoy the all that our local area has to offer, I completed yet another Pinterest project which I’m rather proud of. 

I pinned instructions to make a floating vanity. 
Then I  got to work. My mom, Binxy, and I went to Lowe’s to get my materials. I started with a large shelf. 
I painted it. Big Daddy B kindly hung it. I would have done that myself but he was itching to use the drill. Men and their tools.

And now I have a floating vanity. 

I don’t have my stuff organized the way I want yet, and I still want to add a few girly touches. But overall, I’m very happy with the result!

And if all that doesn’t erase my “woe is me” attitude, my new weather app, (Authentic Weather), certainly will.  

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For the love of big thighs…

 This could be a pretty serious post. I could begin telling you all about how I’m trying to save myself from me and pick up the pieces. But it’s not time for that just yet. 
I had also planned on writing about my adorable yet mischievous children and their escapades in throwing tantrums on dirty floors in grocery stores and honest tales of what they really think of the extra flab on my stomach. However, that too, is on hold for now.

Instead, I’d prefer to entertain you with my thighs.


Have you climbed out of the gutter yet? I’ll continue on now…because I’m slightly (and by slightly I mean very) annoyed after a quick shopping trip this morning.

So, I’m no 36-24-36 a la Sir Mix-a-Lot, but I’m thicker through my hips and thighs and trying to find decent, respectable shorts in the summer is a freaking nightmare. 

As I gazed at myself in the Target dressing room this morning, pondering a 4 inch inseam on a pair of size 16 shorts I had tried on (OMG SHE JUST TOLD US HER SIZE!!! – you) (Yes, I did. Because I’m too old to care what you think of my size. – Me) I couldn’t help but think of a few choice words for the person who thought a 4 inch inseam on a pair of  size 16 shorts would even be remotely attractive. Perhaps, though, it’s my height. If only I were 6’9, I could rock that 4 inch inseam. Currently, however, it’s not a look I’ll be pulling off anytime soon since I’d like to keep some shred of my lingering dignity intact. 😉

So I continue to live in summer dresses and skirts, where my large and in charge thighs can be free to chafe (yes, I had to look up that spelling) as they please. I may not rock that inseam, but I’ll sure as hell rock chub rub season!!

Rant over. 😋

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The ultimate road trip: Part 5

It should have been a 2 day trip home. However, apparently I enjoy torturing myself because my mom and I decided we could make the trip in 1 day.

Oh yes…I spent 15 hours straight in a van with my mother and children. I’ll give you a moment to digest that.

We left Florida at nearly 10 am after giving up on making the portable DVD player work as it decided to die right before our drive home. This made me quite anxious as I wasn’t sure how the Gorilla and Binxy would fare on such a long drive without some sort of distraction.

It turns out, they did quite well. Only a handful of 5 minute or so stops and one 45 minute stop for dinner, yet they traveled like champs! They entertained each other, slept and just chilled out. I’m so proud of them!!!

My mother, however, is another story. She is a very nervous passenger even though I am a spectacular driver. (I am!!) I spent more time yelling at her and trying to calm her down than the children. There is no reason to get all bent out of shape when the van hits 90 mph or when MapQuest takes us on a scenic tour of hospitals in Maryland! I had it all under control. 😏

We arrived home at 1am. I was exhausted from a lack of restful sleep while in Florida and the long journey home. I snapped at Big Daddy Byron who was kind enough to wait up for us and unload the van. In the midst of it all, I just gave up and went to bed. Occasionally, I can be quite the quitter. Ha!

Stay tuned for more summer adventures. Last night I even conquered a Pinterest recipe!

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New adventures…


Ah, adventure. It’s the unknown, terrifying yet simultaneously exciting. I’m a fan of the thrill of an adventure but often struggle with the thought of the change it often brings. I have never been one to welcome change. I am a true Capricorn, a practical planner who thrives on structure and routine. Change is difficult for me. Yet, here I am with my whole world changed, continuing to change and I am trying to learn how to embrace it, both the positive and negative changes. My instinct is to prepare for future change, think tirelessly of “the plan” and work out every single possible scenario in my mind before it actually occurs. This, unsurprisingly, causes me a massive amount of anxiety. 


It’s these battles that make me feel alive as much as they break me. The one thing I know for sure though, that knowledge that lives deep within me, is that while I am far, so far, from perfect, I am a survivor. Whatever new adventures await, whatever changes the future holds for me, I. Will. Survive.

With that being said, my summer adventure has already begun! My first evening after a strange yet fulfilling school year was spent celebrating with friends outdoors with delicious food and a roaring fire. The following day was spent with my kiddos, (who will soon get a post of their own in which I update about all of their shenanigans! Ha!), shopping, having lunch with my mom who I haven’t seen in a couple weeks, and attending a birthday party.

Let me pause here. I need to elaborate on this birthday party. You see, because of my work schedule, I am unable to take my children to preschool. Big Daddy Byron and my mom take care of that. However, I’m the one who typically takes the kids to their preschool friends’ birthday parties which never fails to result in a whole lot of AWKWARD as I know no one. I don’t even recognize the kid who we are celebrating and none of the other moms care to get to know me. (WHAT? There are people who don’t care to know this beloved woman?!? – you.) (Sad, but true. – me.)

So I just awkwardly follow my kids around, avoid making eye contact with anyone and try not to fall into any obviously unwanted awkward conversations. The most recent party had some of that, but then I met a mom who I immediately connected with. She was kind of being awkward too and as I walked closer, she introduced herself. Turns out she was the birthday boy’s mom. I apologized for not recognizing her and explained my situation. She sighed and immediately relaxed  as she exclaimed, “I don’t even know anyone here either! I never get to take my kid to school either! Can I get you an adult beverage?”

SCORE! She somewhat drunkenly, I think, led me to the refreshments and I poured myself a drink. We went back to the preschool mom table where no one would talk to us, so we started to chat some more. I asked if she had any other kids and it turns out she has a son in her 20’s as well.

Hold up. This woman looks too young to have a son that old. I did some quick math using my age as an estimate and thought, there’s no way she had a kid when she was 10!

She must have seen the disbelief on my face as she stated, “I’m old, I know. I’m 45.”

All the other moms stopped talking and started listening to our conversation at that. It didn’t phase me though and I simply stated, “I would never have guessed that. You look amazing!”

Now here’s where I knew we were meant to be friends…she leans into me and says, “Want to know my secret? BOTOX!! I work for a plastic surgeon and can inject myself whenever. Look at this bruise by my eye – I just gave myself some this morning!”

I beamed and asked for more info about where she works. The other moms were the ones sitting in awkward silence now. We just laughed, the party continued and the kids had a blast. It was nice to finally meet a kindred spirit within the preschool group, even if it took two years to finally do so.

My summer adventure continued into the evening with a girls’ night out. I don’t often get to see my friends outside of work during the school year, so I was excited! We started with dinner at a Thai restaurant and I got to experience Thai food for the very first time. I’m a fan!

We moved on for some drinks and great conversation. As I’ve been learning and continue to learn, we are all fighting our own battles. 

In the midst of opening up and sharing, I had the pleasure of meeting Jaleel White, aka Steve Urkle. He was at the bar we were at and he was super nice and we got to joke around.  


I would say this has been a pretty fun start to my summer adventure!


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Teaching lessons at Walmart

So I’m old and everyone, including my gyno, knows it. Most of the time I don’t have a problem with it, however I felt my age during an…”incident” this week.

It was an exhausting week.  As a new Math Coach I was able to participate in our district’s process for writing math curriculum. It turned out to be much more intense mentally than I had anticipated. Considering this was my first time writing curriculum, that’s no surprise since I didn’t know what to expect in the first place. After our second day of writing, I went home for a couple of hours but had to leave for an evening meeting since I’ve recently become an Thirty-One independent sales consultant. I began my weary trek back home around 9 pm when I remembered I needed to stop for spray paint.

I figured I would just make a quick stop at my local Wal-Mart, pick up what I need and be on my way. I won’t even go into how I got “lost” in the school supply aisles…but somehow that constantly happens at this time of year…which is why I ended up finally checking out at nearly 10 pm.

I. LOVE. school supplies.

I. LOVE. school supplies.

There I was at 10 pm after an exhausting day in the check out line at Wal-Mart. I was in my summer mommy clothes, glasses instead of contacts, hair tangled and starting to look greasy…basically I was rocking my summer hobo look and probably should have been nominated for one of those “Women of Wal-Mart” calendars. You’re welcome for that image.

A teenage boy was the unfortunate cashier charged with ringing up my items. As he scanned my 4 spray paint bottles a series of beeps sounded.  He smiled and explained that the beeps sound to alert him to make sure the person purchasing spray paint is 18 or older. I half jokingly replied, “Oh, I’m nowhere near 18 anymore.” He promptly replied, “Oh, yes, I can tell.”

SERIOUSLY!? I couldn’t let that one go. I used my mom voice, looked right at him and said, “Honey, the appropriate response is, ‘Ma’m you don’t look a day over 18. May I please see your ID?” I could tell he was super flustered as he mumbled and his face turned beet red. As he handed me my bags he said, “Actually, you look like you’re 21.” I thanked him, took my purchases, and went on my way. I think he learned a valuable lesson about women that night. 😉


Vacation with toddlers…Part 3

(Get caught up with part 1 here and part 2 here!)

Thankfully when I broke the news to the Gorilla and the rest of my family that Pop Pop was demanding dinner before shopping, they were only mildly irritated and there were no earth-shattering meltdowns. The Gorilla refused to sit still or eat his dinner, but we made it and finally at 8:30 p.m. (Arizona time) we found a Target and purchased the Thomas Shark Exhibit. Success!

The next few days were a whirlwind of activities…

Chillin' out at the hotel...

Chillin’ out at the hotel…

...eating delicious southwestern food...

…eating delicious southwestern food…


…buying (and wearing) silly hats…

051 …visiting family…


…dressing up (Big Daddy Byron & me)…


…attending a wedding…


…and swimming!

Though we really did have a lot of fun, doing these things was far from easy.  Our toddlers didn’t care that we were in Arizona, at a hotel, or trying to chat with family we hadn’t seen in years.  They wanted what they wanted NOW. But we survived and on the 15th, we began the long trip home.

I woke up and did not feel well at all.  I was focused on not vomiting anywhere in public so I didn’t look very nice as I really didn’t care what I looked like as long as there were no bodily fluids spewing from me. (Vomiting after waking up? Is she PREGNANT?!  – you) (ABSOLUTELY NOT. No, I am not pregnant! – me) After we returned the rental cars and made it through security we headed to our gate.  I was feeling slightly better but still weak when another female passenger caught my eye, looked me up and down, made a face and rolled her eyes at me.  She clearly conveyed her message that my hobo look was not welcome in her presence.  Thankfully (for her) I was weak and not in the mood to put her in her place.  Thankfully (for me) another stranger would do an act of kindness that completely cancelled this out near the end of our trip!

The two flights home were a little easier than the first two since the Gorilla and Binxy knew what to expect.  They weren’t happy about having to sit in one spot for 2-3 hours at a time, but they were a little less vocal about their displeasure. By the time we reached Baltimore at 11:00 p.m. Pennsylvania time, we were all tired, grouchy, and not looking forward to the hour and a half drive from the airport to our home.

During the last 15 minutes of the flight, Binxy had fallen asleep in my arms.  I carried her off the plane and to the baggage claim area where I found a bench to settle down on while everyone else went to collect our luggage.

I was really cherishing this time with my sleeping angel.  You see, since she is such a good sleeper and has never slept with us, only in her crib, I never really get to see her sleep…especially not in a well lit area where I can really look at her. She. Is. Gorgeous. I was relishing in the fact that the little angel in my arms was my baby when I felt a hand on my knee. I looked up and there was another mom, unknown to me, though I recognized her from our flight as we had made eye contact and smiled as we were boarding a few hours before.  She was maybe 5 or 10 years older than me, and she was smiling yet again.  I saw her little (and big) ones walk past with her husband and she said, “You’re a trooper mom. You’re doing a great job.  I know how it is traveling with kids and you’re doing fine.  Go home and get some rest, you deserve it.” And then she walked away.

I am not someone who cries easily so I did not cry. But I did have tears in my eyes which is significant. This total stranger from our flight took the time to stop by and tell a haggard looking mom (me) that she’s doing a good job. I was really touched and grateful that God sent this woman my way with this particular message at a time when I really needed it.

Before I knew it my family was ready to go with our bags.  We hopped on the wrong bus and headed to the daily parking garage instead of the long-term parking lot.  Finally we got on the right bus which was PACKED.  The driver was a tough lady who was not taking anyone’s crap even though there were some rude people on the bus who were making comments about her. (Apparently everyone was irritated and ready to get home.) As we entered and couldn’t find seats she demanded that someone give their seat up for me since I was still holding a sleeping Binxy (who was beginning to wake), and a very nice lady did so immediately. By the time we reached our stop, Binxy had fully woken and peed through her diaper all over me and no one could remember exactly where the van was.  Needless to say there was some yelling and profanity discussion about where the van was and what we were doing. At long last, my dad located the van, Big Daddy Byron changed Binxy, we loaded up and took off.  And hour and a half later, we were home, sweet home.  By 2 a.m. I had changed out of my urine soaked clothes (thanks Binxy!) and we finally fell asleep in our bed. AMEN!

It definitely wasn’t our most relaxing vacation but it was memorable. And that’s what vacations are all about…making memories! 🙂

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Vacation with toddlers…Part 2

(If you’re just tuning in and need to read Part 1 of our Vacation with Toddlers, you can find it here.)

Fancy schmancy

Fancy schmancy

So we left the Tucson airport feeling relieved that we survived (barely) the 2 flights there. We hopped in our Dodge Charger, cranked up the AC, and began the journey to our hotel which was a resort. Our relief was short-lived though as I had to follow my mother and father in their rental car to our destination.

(Forgive me mom for the next part…) So, my mom is a nervous driver/passenger. And I use “nervous” lightly. Because I actually mean she’s bat sh*t crazy when she’s in a car. It was like following a drunk race car driver.  All the while we could see my parents’ arms flailing as they yelled at each other in the vehicle in front of us, arguing over how to get to the hotel and when we would call to beg them to slow down or at least use a turn signal occasionally, we could hear the shrill screams and profanity respectful, loving disagreement, promptly hung up, and prayed that we ended up at a hotel…any hotel at this point.

Thankfully, we did make it. The kids, the adults, the tons of luggage…we made it. Again, we felt some relief as we were greeted by bellhops (is that what they’re called? I’m too lazy to check) who held the doors for us as we entered to check in. We gave our names at the front desk and then the panic that I was so familiar with by this time set in again when the hotel personnel at the desk informed us that we were 3 hours early to check in to our 3 rooms…

WHAT?! Ok, so we completely forgot to calculate the time difference when we all agreed during the reservation process that 4 pm was a check in time that would work for us…because it was almost 4 pm…in PENNSYLVANIA. We could work with that though. What we could not work with was paying for THREE rooms. Who booked us 3 rooms? Not I! In fact, none of us had. It was a mistake on the hotel’s end and of course it took nearly 20 minutes for the hotel people to figure out how to cancel one of the rooms in our names. 20 minutes was more than enough time for the Gorilla to realize that we were not shopping for his promised Thomas the Tank toys.  Constant whining ensued from our 3 year old who HAD TO GO SHOPPING NOW as we impatiently tried to figure out the reservation snafu so we could get our junk luggage into our rooms. I began to feel the all too familiar irritated stare from the beady eyes of the annoyed patrons and employees in the lobby who were witness to our 2 toddlers who had barely slept since midnight (their time!).  It was time to haul ass and get out of there so Big Daddy Byron and I took our little living hurricanes out to the car where they calmed slightly in the dry heat of the parking lot while my parents dealt with the reservation mess at the desk.

Finally, we were granted key cards and the fact that there was NO PARKING WHATSOEVER near the building where our rooms were located couldn’t stop us. We took advantage of the valet services and of the bellhop who offered to deliver our bags. At this point, we could not have cared less about the ridiculous charges for these services because we were exhausted. Well, the Gorilla and Binxy were’t exhausted but the adults were.

We arrived in our rooms.

One view from our room...

One view from our room…

...and the other view.

…and the other view.

Peace…sweet peace at last…or not. Because the Gorilla had still not forgotten that we were not perusing Thomas items for him to purchase with our money. Thankfully we were all pretty exhausted by this time and we convinced the Gorilla that after we unpacked and took a nap, we would go, first thing, to the nearest Wal-Mart or Target and buy him whatever his little greedy 3 year old heart desired.

So we began to unpack.  The room seemed pretty nice. Two queen beds would work for us. The Gorilla and Big Daddy Byron could nap in one and Binxy and I could nap in the other. I was sure Binxy would be fine even though she’s never slept in anything but a crib or pack ‘n play before. Big Daddy Byron, the organizational master that he is, was swiftly unpacking our bags while I decided to check out the size of the mini-fridge so I could make a shopping list of snacks and such that could be kept in the room. It turns out, the fridge was a mini-bar. If this had been a romantic vacation for just Big Daddy Byron and me, I would have started uncapping bottles and guzzling the sweet nectar that stared back at me as I opened the fridge. But this was a family vacation. With toddlers. Who are CONSTANTLY HUNGRY AND THIRSTY. Where was I supposed to keep their food and beverages?! Oh and look at that…the nice hotel staff left a $3.00 Kit Kat, $3.00 pack of 2 Oreos, and a plethora of other over priced candy and junk food in plain view of anyone, including my toddlers, who could see inside of the fridge. I slammed the door shut before any tiny eyes could see those goodies and whispered to Big Daddy that we needed to bag up that sweet paraphernalia so that the kiddos couldn’t see it or taste it. No way in Hell was I going to pay $3.00 for a half eaten Kit Kat bar which is what would happen if they got their chubby little hands on it. He quickly reorganized the fridge so that we had hidden the contraband and made a few inches of extra space in what seemed to be the world’s smallest hotel mini-fridge.

So we barely had a fridge, no microwave, and it was time to sleep. The Gorilla, our 3 year old stage 5 clinger who hasn’t slept a full night through and has slept in bed with us for the past 18 months or so, cuddled in with Big Daddy. (Why did we wait 18 months and then let him in bed with us? That’s a whole separate blog post, but long story short, we should be given medals, not criticized, for hearing him scream all night in his crib for the first 18 months straight attempting the CIO [Cry It Out] method. Don’t believe that’s what happened? Ask our neighbor. She met with us to let us know her concerns of his constant screaming. He sleeps much more soundly when with us now.)

Binxy crawled into bed with me. However she seemed to have found her second wind and found it hilarious to be in a queen sized bed that was not her crib or pack ‘n play. I let her bounce around and test out all the pillows thinking she would wind down and fall asleep as soon as the novelty had worn off. WRONG. 15 minutes later and she was still at it. By this time I had slept 1 hour in almost 48 hours. Big Daddy had slept for 2 hours. We were on the edge. He snapped and called the front desk to request a pack ‘n play. 10 minutes later it had not yet arrived and Binxy was done playing on the bed and decided it was time to walk run the halls. She screamed until I took her into the hall. We walked. Well, she ran and I stumbled from exhaustion. 20 minutes had passed and no pack ‘n play. Big Daddy called the front desk and explained our situation. We needed that pack n’ play NOW or one of us was going over the balcony outside of our room. As he relayed the severity of our situation, Binxy joyfully bounced up and down the hallway as I monitored her with a glassy-eyed stare. After 40 minutes, the pack ‘n play finally arrived and I came to the realization that no one who works at this hotel must have ever had a toddler because if they had, they would have sensed the desperation of our situation and sent the pack ‘n play up within the first 10 minutes.

Big Daddy set up the pack ‘n play and I laid Binxy inside. Within 60 seconds she was out. We all climbed back into bed and finally fell into a sweet, sweet slumber.  Upon waking, as in the second the Gorilla woke, he reminded us that we owed him a shopping trip. NOW. We found my parents in their room next door and headed to the lobby. The valet brought our vehicles to us and as we climbed into the cars, my father announced that we were going to find something to eat before going shopping.

You have got to be kidding me. The Gorilla is going to lose it. I cannot put off this shopping trip one more time. We are going to see the meaning of “ape shit crazy” the minute I tell this kid we have to go eat before he gets something from the Thomas collection at the local Wal-Mart or Target. I argued with my dad but apparently the elderly outrank toddlers and he was dead set on eating first. I had to go along with him…he was paying for this meal! Oh, and I was starving since I (and Big Daddy) hadn’t eaten at all through the day or on the flights at any point. I tentatively sat inside the car…took a deep breath…and relayed the message to the Gorilla and the rest of my family that Pop pop was taking us to eat before we went shopping…

Check back for Vacation with Toddlers…Part 3 to find out what happened! 🙂