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Wherefore art thou Fake It Friday?

Sorry to disappoint but I had to take a hiatus from Fake It Friday because it turned out that this past Friday was actually DATE NIGHT FRIDAY! They are few and far between as it is so when the chance for a date night arose, I had to snap it up.  Thankfully I did because it was super fun.

We and 2 other couples had dinner together at Carrabas, a yummy Italian restaurant. Then we met up with another friend and kicked it old school by going BOWLING. Big Daddy Byron just had to watch because they didn’t have shoes big enough to fit his gargantuan feet, but he had fun anyways because he got have dessert there – buffalo chicken pizza, hahahahaha!  We all came back to our house afterwards for an hour or so where I promptly fell asleep on the floor in front of everyone. Obviously, as an exhausted mama I am WINNING. HA.

One of life’s rarities….date night!

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