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Craft FAIL…and now I might die

on August 17, 2012

Soooooo….decided to get crafty for my classroom. I chose some Pinterest inspired projects of course. I attempted to make a “Brain Break” jar and “Kindness Container.” Note the “attempted.” Oh and sorry the pics are dark. It’s late and I’m too lazy to turn on more lights.

First, I sent Byron out for Mod Podge, which I have never used before.

Mod Podge….my enemy

He came back with Mod Podge…and these.

Clearly NOT Mod Podge…

He justified Dear John by pointing out that Channing Tatum is in it so it was a gift of love for me.

Next, I started on the Brain Break jar while he removed the label from the Kindness container.  He just pulled the label off, then rubbed the rest of the adhesive off using a few drops of olive oil on a paper towel.  Super quick and effective. Found that method on Pinterest as well.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Get that label off Big Daddy…

I should note that it clearly states on the Mod Podge bottle that it contains chemicals that will probably kill me. I am risking my life in the name of education. I feel like I’ve taken teaching to a whole new level.

Death by Mod Podge

So then I finish the projects. And what am I left with? A major craft FAIL. The ink on my labels ran. You can see where I got a little too adhesive happy with the Mod Podge in certain spots.


Should I have used thicker paper? Laminated the labels before attaching? Not attempted to use Mod Podge at all and instead enlist the help of an expert?

I’m going to add ribbon later and use them anyway. I did not just give myself cancer using Mod Podge to not use these containers. Take that Pinterest.


5 responses to “Craft FAIL…and now I might die

  1. Katie says:

    Ah! I’ve used Mod Podge before and remember loving it, but it was back a ways in college. I kind of remember the same thing happening where I thought I’d ruined everything because it looked like the ink was running. Did it dry ok? I can’t remember what happened with that when I did it, but I remember the final product turning out ok?

    And, for the record, Channing Tatum justifies everything.

    • No, it did not dry ok…LOL…you’ve gotta come see it in my room sometime. It looks like a hot mess but I’m using it! 🙂 Someone told me today to try using the brush on Mod Podge instead of the spray. Gotta give that a try!

      • Katie says:

        There’s a spray??? I always used the brush on kind. Maybe that is the difference? I forsee a visit to the lower green hallway in my future next week!! 🙂

      • There is a spray! I sent Byron out at 9 pm for it so he went to Wal-mart and said that was all they had…I definitely want to try the brush on kind!

  2. […] my friends and Big Daddy Byron, my arch nemesis attended this Christmas-themed Pinterest party. Mod Podge. This time though, I faced off with the brush on kind rather than the spray on mod podge. […]

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